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John (in a pickle) Kerry

Kerry Reloads in Dogfight Over Snipe at Troops in Iraq

“You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. And if you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq,” he said.

Okay…this is a no-freakin’ brainer. EVERY American, Democrat, Republican or otherwise, should be OUTRAGED at this comment!

Of course, John Kerry is above having to apologize to anyone. (He gets it from his charming wife, I’m sure)

I, as an American (yes, ABOVE being a Republican) am embarrassed and ashamed of these comments made by a Senator of these United States.

To all active and inactive American veterans, I apologize for the stupid, assinine, ridiculous and blasphemous statement made by Senator Kerry. I can offer absolutely NO explanation….I’ll leave that to your discretion.

I love you….MILLIONS of Americans love you. May God bring you home safely.

Thanks To M

The “Special thanks to M” I put at the end of my videos pays homage to the owner of this blog, my wifey poo. She gets special thanks for putting up with me hunched over the ‘puter, churning out goofy shit like this:

I Recommend This New Reading!

Perhaps I should package a few for our friends in Hollywood?

Update: Hubby liked it so much, he even posted it over at Jawa.

Pay Your Dues!

Michigan doctor fights Army call-up, claims objector status

DETROIT — An anesthesiologist who paid his way through medical school as a captain in the U.S. Army Reserve has been fighting his call-up for active duty by requesting conscientious objector status.

Ryan Hae Kwon, 40, of Oakland County’s Waterford Township, filed the request in December, citing deeply held moral and religious beliefs. But the Army has yet to rule on Kwon’s request and ordered him to report for duty.

Kwon sued the Army on Wednesday, the day before he was told to report. On Thursday, U.S. District Judge Avern Cohn rejected Kwon’s request to block the Army’s actions and ordered him to report to Fort Lewis in Washington state.

Kwon works at Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital and participated in the Army’s Health Professions Scholarship Program. In his application for the Army scholarship, Kwon declared he was not a conscientious objector.

The military paid him more than $106,000 under the program, including about $61,100 in tuition, $40,000 in stipend and $5,450 to buy books, according to documents filed in the case cited by The Detroit News.

Maj. David M. Wilson, who investigated Kwon’s claim for the Army, said “Kwon’s beliefs did not come as an epiphany, but over the course of a year, and after being subjected to accounts and photos of the current conflict in Iraq.”

Didn’t come as an epiphany? Read his final “thought”. I’m sorry…he’s a forty year old “adult”. I believe that our values/morals come after YEARS of development. How “deep” can your “morals” and “beliefs” be after just a year (of MSM reports!!!)

Wilson recommended in August that Kwon be discharged and be required to repay the Army the scholarship money, plus interest.

“I believe that war is fundamentally, morally and spiritually wrong,” Kwon said in a military questionnaire related to his request for conscientious objector status. “War, to me, is premeditated murder on a colossal scale.”

Sounds to me like he has a great, cushy job that he doesn’t want to leave. I can’t blame him. The fact remains, he has an obligation to his country. The country assisted him in shaping and educating him for an excellent future. Certainly, at the time, he knew that perhaps one day his number would be called for him to assist his country.

So get your whiny little ass on the next bus to Fort Lewis!

How Would You Like to Be *HIS* Child?

…I wouldn’t want to be his wife, either. What a loser!

ROCK SPRINGS, Wyo. — A Wyoming man could get up to 10 years in prison after being accused of using a made-up story last month about the death of his 2-year-old daughter to get time off from work.

Authorities in Rock Springs accuse Henry Eugene Bingham, 26, of pocketing more than $1,300 in donations from co-workers after they learned of the death. He’s charged with obtaining property by false pretenses, a felony.

According to court documents, the sheriff’s Department was contacted by the man’s boss, who said his employees had chipped in when Bingham told them during an Oct. 16 meeting that his daughter had fallen ill, been flown to Salt Lake City and died. The man said employees contributed $1,319, which Bingham took. He also said the labor union gave Bingham money the next day.

Someone from work called the house to offer condolances, and his wife answered, stating that their daughter was alive and well, thus blowing this dumb ass idiot’s “cover.” Lady, do yourself a favor and file for divorce. NOW. If he wants time off, he could have lied and said she was sick. He could have lied that *he* was sick. How awful that he would tell someone that his daughter had died, just to get time off. LOSER!

Hug Your Child, then Polish Your Gun

Check out this over at SondraK’s. But before you do, hug your child and be sure to polish your gun. You may feel that you need it after you read it.

The Year: 1968

I’m sitting here, reflecting on the fact that I was actually born 38 years ago today. It was such a different world then, compared to today. I know my Dad wasn’t here in the states when I was born (he was stationed in Thailand). I know that Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed. I know Lyndon Johnson was president. But what else?

~North Korea seizes US Navy Ship Pueblo, holding 83 on board as spies (the same year they launched the Tet Offensive).

~Senator Robert F. Kennedy is killed in Los Angeles.

~Median Household Income was $7743 (current dollars)

~Cost of a first class stamp was $.05, but increased to $.06 early in 1968.

~Green Bay won the Superbowl!!

~The motion picture rating system debuts with G, PG, R and X.

~2001: A Space Odyessy was released.

~Aminocentesis is developed.

~It was a leap year!

~Color TV is available in Canada for the first time!

~Soap Opera One Life to Live debuts.

~NASA launches Apollo 7.

~Cost of a new home: $26,660

~Cost of a gallon of gas: $.34

~Cost of a dozen eggs: $.53

~Cost of a gallon of milk: $1.07

~The Dow Jones high point was 985.

And these “famous” people were born in 1968:

~Cuba Gooding, Jr.
~Mary Lou Retton
~Lisa Marie Presley
~Ashley Judd
~Debra Messing
~Rachael Ray
~Will Smith
~Hugh Jackman
~Owen Wilson

How Much is That Mannequin in the Window?


FERNDALE, Mich. — A Detroit man with a history of smashing store windows to grab female mannequins has been accused of indulging his fetish again.

Ronald A. Dotson, 39, was arrested and jailed Oct. 9 after breaking a window at a cleaning-supply company to get at a mannequin in a black and white French maid’s uniform, police said.

A judge Thursday ordered him to undergo a psychiatric examination to determine whether he is competent to stand trial on charges of attempted breaking and entering.

The poor guy couldn’t get rehabilitated in prison. Apparently they didn’t have a Mannequin’s Annonymous support group in the clink. He was out of prison less than a week and was at it again, even after he said he’d buy a mannequin so he could resist the urge to go steal them. Apparently, he likes that thrill of the chase, living on the wild side to find that “special” fiberglass dream come true.

His erotic pursuit of mannequins over the past 13 years has led to at least six convictions for breaking and entering and a stint in prison, police said.

I can’t help but wonder what a conversation with his parole officer might look like:

Mannequin Lover: But I couldn’t help it, Bob.

Bob Paroleguy: Manny, you gotta stop stealing mannequins. They are made of fiberglass. They can’t talk, they are cold…kinda like my ex-wife, but without the nagging…hmmmm….maybe you are onto something here?

Mannequin Lover: They are strong, silent types, Bob. I can get them to do what I want. They wear anything I want them to wear and they don’t tell me I drink too much. They are there when I need them. They LISTEN to me.

Bob Paroleguy: So tell me again, about this last one with the French Maid clothes….

Eh…the guy’s a freak. But at least his “victims” are fiberglass.


CORAL GABLES, Fla. - A 100-year-old woman who quietly amassed a vast fortune before her death last year left $35.6 million to local diabetes and cancer research.

Eugenia Dodson donated two-thirds of the money to the University of Miami’s Diabetes Research Institute, the largest gift in its 35-year history. The rest goes to the university’s Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.

“She didn’t want any recognition in her lifetime, so she directed her lawyer to keep it confidential,” said Dr. W. Jarrard Goodwin, director of the Sylvester Center. “I told her people would be grateful. She said, ’No, I don’t want anyone to know.”’

Dodson lost part of a lung to cancer, and her two brothers died from complications to diabetes, according to Donald Kubit, co-trustee of her fund.

Dodson’s husband had held a stake in a limestone quarry, which went to her after his death in 1949. While she could have afforded a more lavish lifestyle, she instead saved money by living in a small condo and refusing in-home care until she was nearly 100, Kubit said.

“She denied herself the trappings of wealth. She was dead-set on doing good for humankind,” Kubit said. “She had a big heart.”

All I can say is wow. I could, actually, say a WHOLE lot more, but I don’t think Eugenia would have wanted that.

The Proverbial Horse is NOT Just Beaten, It Is DEAD

Omaha’s widdle biddy Ciddy Counswill seems to have gotten their feelings hurt because big, bad Tom Becka of KFAB fame did a parody on “Discover North Omaha” - a campaign designed to bring a postive focus to all that North Omaha has to offer.

Here’s the parody from Becka:

“Discover miles of mayhem.
Discover drive-bys.
Discover gang violence.
Discover North Omaha.
We’ve got a real sense of community here.
When there’s a shooting, we all stick together and don’t rat on the suspects.
I’m a police officer and north Omaha was nice enough to give me plenty of extra overtime.
Arson, abductions, assaults.
Everything that makes a community exciting.
Discover north Omaha.
After all, it’s safer than Baghdad.”

So the City Council is offended…and what do they do? Spend precious time voting on whether they should demand an apology from KFAB (the radio station Becka is employed with).

OMAHA, Neb. — Omaha’s City Council voted 4-2 on Tuesday to demand an apology from an Omaha radio station.

A resolution sponsored by Councilman Frank Brown says the radio station should offer a public apology and dedicate all resources necessary to repair the community damage it has inflicted.

This whole thing is flawed. The council sat there and debated on how to approach and in the end, they “filed” versus “voted” on a request to demand that the radio station apologize both on their site (which they have already done) and on the air (which they said they have already done). Folks, this is a clear cut example of why Nebraska - and Omaha - has to raise taxes at every turn of the corner. What a waste of time! Get over yourselves.

If you read the article, the point is clear. North Omaha *doesn’t* have a world class reputation because it DOES have an extremely high crime rate. Shootings, car jackings, stabbings, theft, arson - every time I look at my local news it seems to be mostly centered there. Why else would they have an ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN (complete with billboards and other means of reaching their targeted audience) that tries to focus on the positive side of North Omaha? As much as I dislike Becka, he’s a freaking radio guy for Pete’s sake! If nothing else, the council and the media are giving him higher ratings and far more attention than he would otherwise receive.

And Brown’s comment was rich - “the radio station should dedicate all resources necessary to repair the community damage it has inflicted?” Mr. Brown, North Omaha’s reputation has been “damanged” since I can remember and I’m going to be 38 on Sunday. Coming from a small town, if I come anywhere near North Omaha, instinct kicks in and I make sure all my doors are locked - I’ve done it since the first time I was in North Omaha. Small city radio guy Becka can’t do anything to harm an already harmed reputation. If you are searching for solutions, Mr. Brown, why don’t you take the money spent debating this juicy little issue in the City Council and, instead, pay to put an additional cop on the street so he or she can make a North Omaha neighborhood a little bit safer? I think that’s a far better solution than voting to “file” a demand for a radio station to apologize when it already did. Or even if they didn’t, for that matter. Get.a.clue.

They Did It For His “Own Good”

I think people who beat their kids are evil. I think people who choose to spend little time with their kids for their own selfish reasons is pretty bad, too. But this couple….this vile, disgusting couple. There aren’t enough words to fully describe how awful they are.

JACKSONVILLE — The police description of the 9-year-old boy’s home sounds like a prison: he was locked in a bedroom for much of three years, did not attend school, had no friends and was watched by his father on a surveillance camera that tracked his every move.

The boy’s ordeal finally ended Wednesday when authorities arrested his father on child abuse and other charges. Officials now are trying to determine what led Randall Warren Piercy, 41, to allegedly treat his son that way and why no one stopped him.

…and why no one stopped him.

That would be the mother of this boy who saw him regularly but did NOTHING to save him…and possibly other relatives. The boy who was reportedly “home schooled” but at the age of nine couldn’t read a child’s book. A boy who was NEVER seen in the neighborhood by neighbors who had lived there 40+ years.

The Piercy home, located off a private rural road, had cameras in almost every room, with the father monitoring the boy on television and computer screens, sheriff’s Lt. Annie Smith said.

“According to our investigator, it appears that the Piercy home was a prison, and the child has never attended school, has no friends, does not receive medical attention, and may have been cut off from any human contact other than family,'’ Smith said.

Relatives shared stories such as the boy only being allowed to go to the bathroom once a day because the “dad” thought he needed to learn how to control his body. This “DAD” is being charged with aggravated child abuse, malicious punishment and unlawful caging of the boy. Of course this sick waste of a human being said he was being misjudged as he was doing this in the “best interest” of the boy. Oh, yeah. Methinks you were doing it because you are a heathen, a miscreant, and stand with one foot in the pit of hell. …and of course the “mother,” Michelle Piercy, hasn’t been charged with anything just yet. But read this and tell me she isn’t as guilty as the “Dad” is:

“We are very protective,'’ she said, adding that the cameras are so his parents can make sure he doesn’t hurt himself. She said the boy was hyperactive and was locked in his room at night to prevent him from going outside and getting hurt.

According to a police report, investigators were told Michelle Piercy allowed her husband to make all the decisions regarding the boy and that she doesn’t even know what size he wears or what television shows or games he likes. The report said her husband only let her see the boy at certain times and usually an hour a day.

Luckily an undercover investigator prompted this case to move forward. Unluckily, it’s likely there will never be enough justice served on behalf of a nine year old boy who was served a life sentence by the very people he was supposed to be able to trust.

Religion of Peas….

Go check out hubby’s latest You Tube video here. He’s getting really good at these and always finds the best music to put with the video!

Lakeia White, Murdering Mom


MONCKS CORNER, S.C. — Authorities in South Carolina said a woman confessed to killing her twin 9-month-old sons because they were crying in her bed.

Police said the mother, Lakeia White, 20, told them she went back to sleep after smothering the boys.

White was charged with homicide by child abuse. Officials said it appeared the boys were asphyxiated.

I read this story and immediately got sick to my stomach. Obviously to kill your kids is enough to get me there. But to smother them in your bed and then go back to sleep? I’m waiting for the “not guilty by reason of insanity plea” to come next since no “sane” person would ever do that.

North Korea

Crazy LITTLE man….doesn’t he know the saying is “Speak SOFTLY and carry a BIG stick”???

Intermittent Blogging Alert!

Hi everyone!

Just quick note to let you know that I’ll be away on business tomorrow through Thursday, so it’s likely the blogging will be intermittent (um, what’s new, Merri)? Well, this time it’s intentional. ;-)

It’ll be a crazy few days, but I’ll get a chance to meet a lot of people I’ve only worked with on the phone. Also, San Jose will be in the mid-70s for temps, while dear Nebraska will experience what appears to be the first freeze of the season.

Take care, all, and I will try to pop in to say Hi - if that doesn’t happen I’ll see you on Thursday or Friday!

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