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They Did It For His “Own Good”

I think people who beat their kids are evil. I think people who choose to spend little time with their kids for their own selfish reasons is pretty bad, too. But this couple….this vile, disgusting couple. There aren’t enough words to fully describe how awful they are.

JACKSONVILLE — The police description of the 9-year-old boy’s home sounds like a prison: he was locked in a bedroom for much of three years, did not attend school, had no friends and was watched by his father on a surveillance camera that tracked his every move.

The boy’s ordeal finally ended Wednesday when authorities arrested his father on child abuse and other charges. Officials now are trying to determine what led Randall Warren Piercy, 41, to allegedly treat his son that way and why no one stopped him.

…and why no one stopped him.

That would be the mother of this boy who saw him regularly but did NOTHING to save him…and possibly other relatives. The boy who was reportedly “home schooled” but at the age of nine couldn’t read a child’s book. A boy who was NEVER seen in the neighborhood by neighbors who had lived there 40+ years.

The Piercy home, located off a private rural road, had cameras in almost every room, with the father monitoring the boy on television and computer screens, sheriff’s Lt. Annie Smith said.

“According to our investigator, it appears that the Piercy home was a prison, and the child has never attended school, has no friends, does not receive medical attention, and may have been cut off from any human contact other than family,'’ Smith said.

Relatives shared stories such as the boy only being allowed to go to the bathroom once a day because the “dad” thought he needed to learn how to control his body. This “DAD” is being charged with aggravated child abuse, malicious punishment and unlawful caging of the boy. Of course this sick waste of a human being said he was being misjudged as he was doing this in the “best interest” of the boy. Oh, yeah. Methinks you were doing it because you are a heathen, a miscreant, and stand with one foot in the pit of hell. …and of course the “mother,” Michelle Piercy, hasn’t been charged with anything just yet. But read this and tell me she isn’t as guilty as the “Dad” is:

“We are very protective,'’ she said, adding that the cameras are so his parents can make sure he doesn’t hurt himself. She said the boy was hyperactive and was locked in his room at night to prevent him from going outside and getting hurt.

According to a police report, investigators were told Michelle Piercy allowed her husband to make all the decisions regarding the boy and that she doesn’t even know what size he wears or what television shows or games he likes. The report said her husband only let her see the boy at certain times and usually an hour a day.

Luckily an undercover investigator prompted this case to move forward. Unluckily, it’s likely there will never be enough justice served on behalf of a nine year old boy who was served a life sentence by the very people he was supposed to be able to trust.