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Lakeia White, Murdering Mom


MONCKS CORNER, S.C. — Authorities in South Carolina said a woman confessed to killing her twin 9-month-old sons because they were crying in her bed.

Police said the mother, Lakeia White, 20, told them she went back to sleep after smothering the boys.

White was charged with homicide by child abuse. Officials said it appeared the boys were asphyxiated.

I read this story and immediately got sick to my stomach. Obviously to kill your kids is enough to get me there. But to smother them in your bed and then go back to sleep? I’m waiting for the “not guilty by reason of insanity plea” to come next since no “sane” person would ever do that.

Nancy said:

This is certainly sick, I agree. These "people" blow it off like it's nothing. How about the "couple" fighting and the girl swings her NEWBORN at the boyfriend? (She claims she doesn't remember THAT part of the fight she was so upset you know) Then the guy states "you're making a big deal of it..." A BIG DEAL! Perhaps this IS everyday life for such low-life, disgusting pieces of shit.

Lilo said:

I just figured she was wanting to be friends with Yates and Dena Schlosser... especially after the recent news of their budding relationship.

Chris said:

Did you see the article about Susan Smith and another woman who killed her own kids have become friends in the mental institution in which they reside. I could have vomited barbedwire when I read that they liked sharing memories of their kids.

Merri said:

I did - and so wished to blog on it but I was traveling. You touched on exactly what got me spun up - that they would DARE share memories of the children they slaughtered. That's awful!

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