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Can’t Cox and KETV Just Get Along?

Okay, so I usually don’t give a crap when it comes to contractual disagreements between companies - whatever, right? But this is personally affecting me and these twits seem to be blaming each other.

We got a postcard from our cable company saying that Hearst-Argyle Television, the company that owns channel 7 (KETV), and Cox Communications cannot seem to come to an agreement regarding the rates for offering channel 7’s digital programming. SO….KETV’s owners have agreed that it is okay to allow the analog channel 7 (so us poor customers don’t have to do without the programming), but they cannot offer the digital channel effective right away. So, as much as I love football in HD, at least we still have our LOCAL TV CHANNEL on our cable offering, right?

For those of you wishing to be bored, the story is here on KETV’s website. An exerpt:

OMAHA, Neb. — KETV-TV Channel 7 and KETV-DT Channel 20, which are among Omaha’s leading analog and digital television stations, respectively, on Sunday announced that the digital high definition signal of KETV-DT is no longer being carried on Cox cable television systems.

The removal of the station’s digital signals from the Cox system is the result of unsuccessful negotiations between representatives of Hearst-Argyle Television, Inc., KETV-TV’s parent company, and Cox. Hearst-Argyle is seeking fair and reasonable terms from Cox in return for allowing Cox to carry KETV-DT’s programming and charge its subscribers for access to that programming.

Here’s the rub for ME, though. I have DVR. And I record a LOT on DVR. But since this little spat (found out about it just yesterday), Cox Communications won’t allow me to DVR anything on Channel 7’s analog channel, with an error that comes up “unrecordable channel.” That’s complete bullshit. So….I have to do without the Rachael Ray Show and the other two shows on ABC I record will have to be watched live versus recorded. Um, there’s a REASON I record these shows, you idiots.

If you want to have your little arm-wrestling match in the backyard, fine. But if both of you truly care about your customers, you will want to allow us to have the conveniences that WE PAY FOR by subscribing to your service. And if I can’t record my shows, ABC, I don’t watch your shows. Get a clue.


UPDATE: So I wrote a note to Cox Cable to complain and the response today - and I paraphrase: “Lady, you are whacked. There’s no problem. We had this one technical issue on Thursday, but that channel isn’t restricted.” Um….so, why in the hell would I take the time to write you, buffoon, to tell you there’s a problem if there isn’t one? Magically, when I went home all was recordable again. And of course the response I received was canned and not even signed by a human. Eh. Who cares, I can use my DVR on ABC again.

…and Chris? Somehow I don’t think our little Omaha channel would come anywhere close to paying for Rachael’s salary. Phpht! :-)