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The Proverbial Horse is NOT Just Beaten, It Is DEAD

Omaha’s widdle biddy Ciddy Counswill seems to have gotten their feelings hurt because big, bad Tom Becka of KFAB fame did a parody on “Discover North Omaha” - a campaign designed to bring a postive focus to all that North Omaha has to offer.

Here’s the parody from Becka:

“Discover miles of mayhem.
Discover drive-bys.
Discover gang violence.
Discover North Omaha.
We’ve got a real sense of community here.
When there’s a shooting, we all stick together and don’t rat on the suspects.
I’m a police officer and north Omaha was nice enough to give me plenty of extra overtime.
Arson, abductions, assaults.
Everything that makes a community exciting.
Discover north Omaha.
After all, it’s safer than Baghdad.”

So the City Council is offended…and what do they do? Spend precious time voting on whether they should demand an apology from KFAB (the radio station Becka is employed with).

OMAHA, Neb. — Omaha’s City Council voted 4-2 on Tuesday to demand an apology from an Omaha radio station.

A resolution sponsored by Councilman Frank Brown says the radio station should offer a public apology and dedicate all resources necessary to repair the community damage it has inflicted.

This whole thing is flawed. The council sat there and debated on how to approach and in the end, they “filed” versus “voted” on a request to demand that the radio station apologize both on their site (which they have already done) and on the air (which they said they have already done). Folks, this is a clear cut example of why Nebraska - and Omaha - has to raise taxes at every turn of the corner. What a waste of time! Get over yourselves.

If you read the article, the point is clear. North Omaha *doesn’t* have a world class reputation because it DOES have an extremely high crime rate. Shootings, car jackings, stabbings, theft, arson - every time I look at my local news it seems to be mostly centered there. Why else would they have an ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN (complete with billboards and other means of reaching their targeted audience) that tries to focus on the positive side of North Omaha? As much as I dislike Becka, he’s a freaking radio guy for Pete’s sake! If nothing else, the council and the media are giving him higher ratings and far more attention than he would otherwise receive.

And Brown’s comment was rich - “the radio station should dedicate all resources necessary to repair the community damage it has inflicted?” Mr. Brown, North Omaha’s reputation has been “damanged” since I can remember and I’m going to be 38 on Sunday. Coming from a small town, if I come anywhere near North Omaha, instinct kicks in and I make sure all my doors are locked - I’ve done it since the first time I was in North Omaha. Small city radio guy Becka can’t do anything to harm an already harmed reputation. If you are searching for solutions, Mr. Brown, why don’t you take the money spent debating this juicy little issue in the City Council and, instead, pay to put an additional cop on the street so he or she can make a North Omaha neighborhood a little bit safer? I think that’s a far better solution than voting to “file” a demand for a radio station to apologize when it already did. Or even if they didn’t, for that matter. Get.a.clue.