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Michigan doctor fights Army call-up, claims objector status

DETROIT — An anesthesiologist who paid his way through medical school as a captain in the U.S. Army Reserve has been fighting his call-up for active duty by requesting conscientious objector status.

Ryan Hae Kwon, 40, of Oakland County’s Waterford Township, filed the request in December, citing deeply held moral and religious beliefs. But the Army has yet to rule on Kwon’s request and ordered him to report for duty.

Kwon sued the Army on Wednesday, the day before he was told to report. On Thursday, U.S. District Judge Avern Cohn rejected Kwon’s request to block the Army’s actions and ordered him to report to Fort Lewis in Washington state.

Kwon works at Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital and participated in the Army’s Health Professions Scholarship Program. In his application for the Army scholarship, Kwon declared he was not a conscientious objector.

The military paid him more than $106,000 under the program, including about $61,100 in tuition, $40,000 in stipend and $5,450 to buy books, according to documents filed in the case cited by The Detroit News.

Maj. David M. Wilson, who investigated Kwon’s claim for the Army, said “Kwon’s beliefs did not come as an epiphany, but over the course of a year, and after being subjected to accounts and photos of the current conflict in Iraq.”

Didn’t come as an epiphany? Read his final “thought”. I’m sorry…he’s a forty year old “adult”. I believe that our values/morals come after YEARS of development. How “deep” can your “morals” and “beliefs” be after just a year (of MSM reports!!!)

Wilson recommended in August that Kwon be discharged and be required to repay the Army the scholarship money, plus interest.

“I believe that war is fundamentally, morally and spiritually wrong,” Kwon said in a military questionnaire related to his request for conscientious objector status. “War, to me, is premeditated murder on a colossal scale.”

Sounds to me like he has a great, cushy job that he doesn’t want to leave. I can’t blame him. The fact remains, he has an obligation to his country. The country assisted him in shaping and educating him for an excellent future. Certainly, at the time, he knew that perhaps one day his number would be called for him to assist his country.

So get your whiny little ass on the next bus to Fort Lewis!

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Chris said:

Well made points. It's not like we can say "I want to sign up for the army......unless there's a war".

Sounds like someone was trying to work the system and got caught in a jam.

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