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Love and Kids - the Best Therapy

It was this time last year that we were reeling from the death of my mom. She died of cancer after a very long battle. I feel very fortunate that I had time with her. Time to talk with her about life - to reflect on childhood, funny memories and all of that. We had closure, she and I.

Last night, we needed to admit my mother-in-law to an inpatient mental facility. She is struggling with what they believe to be Alzheimer’s Disease. Her progession has been quick - way too quick for many of us to grasp.

I’m proud of my husband for stepping up and taking care of her and being there for her. I struggle with how his siblings are handling it, although I imagine they don’t know what to do or how to react.

The best thing to see was the smile on her face when she saw her grandkids tonight. As hubby said, we saw Mom again…telling us not to worry about the kids horsing around…asking to hug Emily when she ran into the TV stand, etc. You can bring in every nurse and doctor known to man…I swear the best therapies are love and kids…hands down.

We’ll take one day at a time. Alzheimer’s is an unfair disease, robbing everyone, including the family of their most cherished things - memories. But even if she can find 5 minutes of joy, it’s worth the time we spend helping her be comfortable…helping her feel safe. She may not be my biological Mom, but she raised my husband and helped him get on the path to being the amazing father and husband and son he is today…and for that I owe her a lifetime of gratitude. She’s also treated me, from the moment I met her, like a daughter. I never felt like an outsider…always warmly embraced. I hope I can give back even a fraction of what she has done for me.

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Matthew Koso Sentenced

Matthew Koso was sentenced to 18-30 months for the decision he made to start “dating” a girl who was 12 years old (he was 18). He got her pregnant when she was 14 and he was 20 and her parents gave consent to marry her in Kansas at the age of 15.

In Nebraska it is a crime for an adult to have sex with a child, which is what he did. It is good to see that there was a sentence that sent the message to Koso that he is not above the law. I’m told there are “so many sides” to the story and I’m perhaps “quick to judge.” The law speaks for itself, said “sides” were heard and the story was told. Bottom line, the message was clear. There’s a law, Koso broke it and there are consequences. Fair is fair.

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