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…a Sigh of Relief

Most people are thrilled to win money, realize there is an error in their favor in the checkbook, thrilled that their child won in some sport or got A’s on their report card. Today, I’m thrilled that our little guy is getting back to normal.

If you’re like me, it’s hard seeing your little ones sick. Our eight-year-old boy was so sick that I took him to the ER last night and he was moved ahead of every other child there because he was so sick. Dehydrated from days of illness and lack of eating and drinking. You could see his dry lips and sunken eyes, poor guy. He quickly got over his fear of needles when he heard about “snow man spray” and was braver than I ever imagined when they had to do a second poke for blood draws.

I find it amazing what an IV can do…he quickly became himself…moving from the nervous, shaky boy to the talkative, silly kid I know….even as late as 3am, talking about Jimmy Neutron while throwing in his fascination that he had a “straw in his hand.” They thought they may have to keep him overnight, but he recovered so quickly I was able to bring him home. And for the first time in days, he REALLY SLEPT. From about 3:15am until 1pm today.

And why is Mom so thrilled? He actually ate Jell-o and had some water. Yippeeee!

P.S. I firmly believe that kids are quick to heal - he’ll probably be running around playing with his cars and video games by the end of the day. Me and hubby? Well, it’ll take weeks for us to recover. ;-)