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Life and All That!

Thanks so much to all of my readers for having patience with me while I’ve been away. A lot has been between me and posting - let’s just leave it at family illness (including my own), work, getting geared up for some major work on our yard and home and well, Season four of ‘24.’ …and season four only has four episodes left and there should be a little bit of free time after that. :-)

A good blogging friend of mine has moved to her new site - send congratulations over to Laura at The Wide Awake Cafe. …and who, may you ask developed such a beautiful website for Laura? None other than Sadie of Apothegm Designs, our most favoritist designers! Seriously…take a tour at The Wide Awake Cafe and be sure to add Laura to your blogroll!

Over at Hubby’s place, you’ll see a new face! I’m not quite sure if Muslihoon knows for sure what he got himself into, but at least hubby let’s everyone know the extent of his evil ways!

Beth over at MVRWC shared her thoughts on Debbie (thinks she) does Blogging and I, as always, had a good laugh…and then the next thought that came to mind - about bloggers who think they can get away with bullshit such as Debbie - was only something a person traveling through the world of CTU could appreciate. Heh.

And while I want to spend sometime venting about Baby Charlotte and the mistrial for the woman who hacked off her baby’s arms (oh, poor girl was insane!), I feel the need to ponder on those two items for a bit. What’s happening with Baby Charlotte is no less than a tragedy…hell, what’s happening in that court case is right there as well. But if you read my blog regularly, you’d already know how I feel about both of those issues.

Anyway, I hope to be back to regular posting very soon (or even now?). Again, thanks for sticking with me! Now…Bauer calls…and when Bauer calls, you better not only answer the phone, but you better do what he says. ;-)