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Give Her A Shower Only, Please

Andrea Yates was moved to a mental hospital to await a 2nd trial for drowning her children.

Hopefully, it’s one that still uses shock therapy and frontal lobotomies.

And that’s just for her lame-ass, excuse making husband.

Getting her first conviction overturned may have seemed like a victory for the bad guys - er gals, but there is always the chance that the next jury won’t be as sympathetic as the first was.

This second trial probably won’t garner the widespread coverage of the first, although there’s not telling for sure. But I hardly think that the Official Andrea Yates Support Group would have as much of an impact the second time around.

Not only that, the prosecution only charged her for the deaths of three of her children, they still retain the right to charge her for the other two.

Here’s to hoping the next sentence is death by lethal injection.

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