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November is…

It never fails to amaze me that the changing of the calendar brings with it new observances.  No, not talking about Thanksgiving, not talking about Veterans’ Day…I’m talking about the unusual observances that are assigned to each and every month of the year (and then every week of said month, and every day of said week).  Here’s what the month of November brings us:

  • National Fun with Fondue Month (um….no, ain’t gonna touch it!)
  • Georgia Pecan Month (hmmmm….won’t the pecans in other states feel discriminated against?)
  • National Peanut butter Lover’s Month (mmmm….peanut butter!)
  • National Impotency Month (eh….ain’t gonna touch that one either, although is it intended to celebrate impotency or make us aware of it?  Hmmmm….nope.  Ain’t gonna go there)

There are a few weekly and daily celebrations that I couldn’t pass up as well.  This week includes:

  • National Fig Week (YAY!  It’s National FIG week!)
  • Plan your Epitaph Day, Wednesday (I’m just not ready for that!)
  • National Men Make Dinner Day, Thursday (now THAT’s what I’m talkin’ about!)
  • National Sandwich Day, Thursday (hey…who decided to put SANDWICH day on the MEN MAKE DINNER DAY?  This should be National 7-course-gourmet-dinner-day!)
  • National Chicken Lady Day, Friday (whah?!?!?)
  • International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict, Sunday (okay, I put this one in for two reasons…1) it is the world’s longest title….how do you get this on a bumper sticker anyway? and 2) Read it again…yeesh!)

There you have it!  Be sure to mark your calendars and plan your celebrations and events for November!

The Cotillion - Portia Rediscovers Me!

So, we’ve been having a Cotillion each and every week, and I just haven’t been playing the past few weeks (for one reason or another…let’s leave it at "real life" getting in the way).  I did have a chance to get a post submitted this week, and it’s part of the great round up at Portia Rediscovered (you’ve just GOT to take a look at her new digs!).

As always, the post is also over at the Cotillion.  Many thanks to Portia for a great round up and to all of the fine ladies for many great posts!

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