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Stop The Madness

Beth is asking that we check out this petition and if you’re so inclined, SIGN IT.

Are you fed up with the political games being played in Washington, D.C.? Do you want critics of the Iraq war to stop the relentless attacks on the President and our troops? Then sign this petition. We are at war…still most Democrats in Congress attack the President and our troops without conscience. Sign here to ask them to STOP THE MADNESS!

This petition will be hand-delivered to every member of Congress and party leaders. Our message is clear:

We the undersigned believe it is time to unite this country. These baseless political attacks must stop. We are at war! 160,000 US Armed Forces are in Iraq fighting and winning. They deserve better. We call on Democratic leaders to stop the attacks on the President and our troops. And we call on Republicans in Congress to do a better job of stopping these attacks and stand with the President and our troops as well!

We will deliver this petition the day of the Presidents next State of the Union address in 2006. Please sign your name and include your city as well. If you’d like a response from Congressional members in your state, include your mailing address as well. These attacks must stop. If they do not, we will lose the war in Iraq and the terrorists will win! Please take action and let your voice be heard today!

Pass this on!

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Project Hero

Beth ALSO shared a link to Project HERO. What a great idea…

For those of you that don’t know, I mentioned a few days back that I was surprised to learn 208 Silver Stars had been awarded in Iraq. Apparently heroism isn’t newsworthy enough for most of the MSM. So in an effort to change that, I’ve embarked on a bit of a personal crusade called “Project Hero”, where I will highlight the heroism of some of our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Today we honor a young Marine officer who won the nation’s second highest honor for valor in action: the Navy Cross.

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