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The Cotillion - Portia Rediscovers Me!

So, we’ve been having a Cotillion each and every week, and I just haven’t been playing the past few weeks (for one reason or another…let’s leave it at "real life" getting in the way).  I did have a chance to get a post submitted this week, and it’s part of the great round up at Portia Rediscovered (you’ve just GOT to take a look at her new digs!).

As always, the post is also over at the Cotillion.  Many thanks to Portia for a great round up and to all of the fine ladies for many great posts!

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Trackbacky badness

So, I have no idea what's going on with the trackbacks on my page. Like I said, we're still under construction. I feel terrible about them not showing up, so I thought I'd just list them all here: MerriMusings trackbacks...