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PETA sees a moral dimension to the anticipated pandemic

Of all the pathetic things I hear about…this has to be right up there on the top of my list. I should make a new category called “Give Me A Break!” for this baloney.

(CNSNews.com) - Members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals say they will lie naked in flower-decorated coffins outside the Department of Agriculture in Washington on Wednesday to “remind consumers that an addiction to poultry could lead to a bird-flu pandemic.”

Protesters will raise a banner reading, “Bird Flu Kills: Go Vegetarian,” and they plan to hand out “emergency vegetarian starter kits.”

Using such a potentially serious and devasting virus as a backdrop for a publicity stunt is LOW. I’m surprised PETA isn’t loosing feathers over the mass cullings that have occurred in the past several months.

PETA quoted the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as saying that bird flu can be caught by eating undercooked meat or eggs.

But the CDC also notes that poultry products can be safely eaten, “provided these items are properly cooked and properly handled during food preparation.” According to the CDC, the bird flu virus is sensitive to heat, which means that “normal temperatures used for cooking” will kill the virus.

“Avian influenza is not transmitted through cooked food,” the CDC website specifically says. And it says there is no evidence so far that anyone has become infected after eating “properly cooked poultry or poultry products, even when these foods were contaminated with the H5N1 virus.”

Trust me…birds with H5N1 would not be something ANYONE would ever consider for human consumption. Birds infected with this virus don’t make it to the grinder shop, so to speak.

What is more disturbing, though, is this thought process coming out of PETA:

PETA sees a moral dimension to the anticipated pandemic.

“It’s payback time, with avian flu now showing up as a direct consequence of a very sick and cruel industry,” said PETA Vegan Campaign Director Bruce Friedrich.

“With diseases running rampant in crowded, filthy factory farms, not to mention the known link between meat-eating and heart disease, the safest thing to do with chicken flesh is to avoid it like the plague.”

PETA is among the activist groups that oppose “factory farming,” where birds and other livestock live in conditions that activists describe as cruel and inhumane.

You know…these morons are spoiled idiOts who have no medical or science background, for sure. If they did they would not (ever) joke around about such issues. Pandemic flus are horrible. They kill MILLIONS. The next flu has potential to kill BILLIONS. This didn’t start with birds who were caged up; it started with field chickens in Vietnam…PETA needs to do it’s homework and get the facts right.

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I’ll be homeless because I don’t make that much money

Some people have a lot of nerve. Those who have harmed children should have no rights period. Convicted sex offenders especially should not have access to those who they very likely would harm again.

DELAWARE, Ohio — The U.S. District Court Monday dismissed a lawsuit filed by registered sex offenders who say the Ohio law banning sex offenders from living within 1,000 feet of a school is unconstitutional.

David Slack, one of the six registered sex offenders who filed the suit, said he cannot afford to move away from his home near Woodward Elementary School in Delaware, Ohio.

“I’ll be homeless because I don’t make that much money,” Slack said.

I don’t want to hear his sorry ass stories. He’s full of BS and he knows it. He wants to live near the school so he can check out the prey. It’s what all sex offenders want: To have their eye candy right in front of them. If this is an issue of being homeless, then get another job asshole. Do whatever it takes to move away from the kids. The state should make him get another job! I don’t condone states getting involved like that, but in these cases it wouldn’t be a bad thing. Kind of like forced labor.

On Monday, the U.S. District Court dismissed his case. The court did not uphold the constitutionality of the law, but just said Slack and the other registered sex offenders did not have the legal standing to file suit.

“There’d been no action taken to remove them from the place they’d been living in, or they brought it even though they weren’t living within 1,000 feet of a school,” Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro said.

Nevertheless, Petro said he sees the case’s dismissal as a victory for the state and all of its residents, NBC 4’s Duarte Geraldino reported. Petro said he believes many sex offenders are likely to offend again.

1000 feet isn’t that far, 1/5th of a mile. I live near two schools and the neighborhood is always busy with kids walking to and from school…I wouldn’t feel content knowing a pervert lived ANYWHERE near the area. A good 6 miles is what I MIGHT feel alright with. 1000 feet? The perverts can still see the kids…and lurk and watch them as they walk by.

“I am truly sorry about what happened, but it was just one of those things. I can’t explain why it happened,” Slack said.

Yep…and no one wants to hear your half ass apology. It’s too late for that. And it’s very lame, when used in context to this lawsuit.

Supporters praised the judge’s decision and said it allows the state to enforce a law that is needed to keep children safe.

“This law is in place to protect children from potentially dangerous predators,” Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro said in a statement. “This is a reasonable and necessary statute.”

The law allows city and county prosecutors across the state to seek eviction orders against hundreds - and possibly thousands - of convicted sex offenders living too close to schools. The law expands a statute that had allowed neighbors, landlords or school officials to seek evictions.

Now this is what I want to read…laws making it legal to boot these perverts right out of the area. Who wants a salivating twisted sex freak who seeks children, living in their neighborhoods, near the schools or places where kids hang out? I know this leaves little option as to where the freaks can go…and that’s the point. They should be sent out to a field in the niddle of no where…

But opponents say the re-offense rate is no different for sex offenders than for other criminals and that imposing the 1,000-foot rule would be impractical and unconstitutional.

In some cases, they say, the rule would be so restrictive it could result in homelessness.

That is a lie. Sex offenders often repeat their crimes, and to a higher degree of harm each time. There is a BIG difference between a person who robs a bank or sells drugs, compared to this type of criminal. I cannot believe these advocates are even trying to compare. Those who care about kids need to keep pushing these issues and demanding local governments to force the perverts into seclusion. I hate to promote that, but when it comes to welfare and safety of children, it may have to come to this.

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