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A Bit of a Hiatus

I’ll be out of town on business starting Tuesday morning, and I won’t be returning until Friday afternoon.  I’m hopping on a 7am flight (ugh…I don’t do mornings well, let’s just say the girl traveling with me convinced me…and at least she’s giving me a ride to the airport so I can sleep on the way heh!), so chances are I’ll be pretty busy Monday night, spending time with the munchkins and hubby and packing.  So, this will probably be my last post until Friday night or Saturday.

I’m not bringing my laptop because, frankly, I will be either flying, or working (my agenda is jam packed!).  At this point, I’m hoping we get to at least look around a bit!  I just don’t think I’ll have time to blog.  I’m hoping those of you with a set of keys feel comfortable throwing up a post and linking the hell out of your own sites, just to boost your stats!

This is what I’ll be thinking about, and would have posted about had I been here this week:

  1. The trip hubby and I are taking to Vegas for our 10-year-wedding anniversary.  I’m PUMPED!  Our first trip without the young’uns!
  2. GO PEYTON MANNING!  Earn me some SERIOUS Fantasy Football points, dammit!
  3. I don’t have to cook for at least 3 days!  And that means there won’t be dishes for me to do either…LOL
  4. I’ve never been where I’m going, and I’ve never had to go through customs.  Perhaps there will be a story there when I get back?
  5. What will the political atmosphere be where I’m going?  I’m imagining fairly liberal, but it will definitely be interesting to observe!
  6. I’m looking forward to 2 1/2 days of hearing about issues that we need to work through.
  7. Even though I’ll be working, I’ll have a week’s worth of work backed up back here at my home office.  And only 4 days to do it before I’m on vacation.  And a full calendar.  ::: shrug :::
  8. Will my chihuahua be alive when I return, or will he be taking the long, wet nap for biting my hubby?
  9. Will my kids miss me?  Will my hubby miss me?  I’ll miss them terribly!  I did the last business trip I had!
  10. Will my DVR hold all of my shows?  LOL

Take care, have a great week and stay out of trouble!  Oh, wait.  DUH….I keep forgetting who my audience is!  Heheheheheheheheheeheheheh!!!