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Many Sex Offenders Not Where State Says

The following linked article is lengthy but worth the read!

The Montgomery address listed for Terrance Robert Green doesn’t have a mailbox. It doesn’t have a front door. In fact, there is no house.

The convicted child rapist’s address is nothing more than a concrete slab.

Green is one of many sex offenders in Alabama who don’t live at the addresses they have registered with state and local law enforcement, according to a check by The Birmingham News. A search for 127 sex offenders identified by the Alabama Department of Public Safety found that 48 - or 38 percent - aren’t living at the registered addresses.

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Does this really surprise anyone? It doesn’t surprise me. That’s why we, as everyday citizens, need to keep on top of this situation. It says right on my state’s registry site that,

Due to time delays in processing sex offender data, this information should be verified with the appropriate Sheriff’s Department or Chief of Police.

Call, write, email or take some kind of action to bring this to your community’s law enforcement. I’m sure they are aware of it already, but we can keep reminding them and making some noise about it to get them to keep it updated. Now, of course, I realize it’s not the law enforcement’s fault these creeps LIE about where they are living but doesn’t someone in authority have the right to check up on these "registered" sex offenders to make sure they are where they say they are?

Another quote from the article:

"It’s reflective of what’s happening," Ahearn said. "We’re expecting the most cunning of all criminals to follow what amounts to an honor system. It’s not working."

Well, ain’t that the truth?


It’s also no surprise to Alabama Attorney General Troy King, who is meeting with law enforcement agencies across the state to discuss problems with the state’s sex offender registration.

"I think it gives a false sense of security and complacency in our state," King said. "People think the offenders … are somewhat under law enforcement’s eye. And that’s really not the case."

Keep writing to your newspapers, local news talk radio hosts and the like. I’ve done it and will plan to keep doing it. Our little local newspaper, The Madison Record, still has NOT listed the 7 or 8 registered sex offenders living in our area as they said they were going to do. Yes, I’ve emailed them AGAIN about their promise. No response. Now I think it’s time for a phone call. They will occasionally put in an article about registered sex offenders but they still have yet to actually list the pictures and details of each sex offender like the Mobile Registered did several weeks ago.

But, don’t give up, keep at it people. If we don’t no one will. It’s or responsibility and civic duty to stay ever vigilant regarding our children’s safety. Don’t you think?

What is your community doing about this problem? Do you know?

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