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Stop the ACLU! Blogburst -

Anyone who reads through my site will conclude fairly quickly my lack of love for the ACLU.  As a matter of fact, I truly believe that the ACLU shakes the very foundations of the freedom I am afforded as an American.

There is a great article over at GOP USA I encourage you to read.  I think the author summarizes a number of my concerns up nicely.

For years the American Civil Liberties Union has pushed its agenda as to what the Constitution "really says," and what freedom "really means" through judicial extortion.

The ACLU’s attorneys are akin to the old "ambulance chaser" adage…targeting particular hot bed situations and finding "the offended" who are willing to have the ACLU champion their cause. 

Many who have dared to stand up against the ACLU might have won the battle in the court room, but lost the war as their organizations were driven into bankruptcy under crushing legal bills.

I think the author, Justin Darr, is right on when he says:

However, in the last few years the tide has started to turn. Alternate civil liberties groups, such as The American Center for Law and Justice, conservative radio commentators, and even some in the media, have drawn attention to the ACLU’s pattern of abuses, fanatic beliefs and outright hypocrisy. For the first time the ACLU is faced with legitimate public outcry over their tactics and slowly those who once would quietly give up their freedoms have been instilled with the will (and pro bono legal support) to fight. In addition, despite the efforts of obstructionist liberals in Congress, the court system is being given a much needed infusion of new judges who recognize that their interpretation of the Constitution should in some fashion be similar to those who wrote it. The ACLU understands its days of forcing Christianity, traditional values, and freedoms out of American public life are numbered.

The ACLU has changed their strategy, broadening the circle with their court cases by including leaders and private citizens who are leading causes against the ACLU.  The best known case of this is the ACLU’s focus on Sean Hannity and his "crossing" of the US/Mexico border while interviewing Minutemen in Arizona.

…the ACLU, which led the good fight by trying to obstruct the Minutemen and goad them into conflicts while enabling the rampant invasion of illegals into our nation, decided this was an offense that could not be tolerated. Apparently upset at Hannity’s drawing interest to the good work of the Minutemen, Arizona State Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, under the auspices of the ACLU, demanded Hannity’s arrest. 

This was not motivated due to a need to uphold immigration law.  This was "personal."  But as Darr writes, this is a larger issue than the ACLU just embarrassing Hannity.

It is indicative of a terrifying new trend from the ACLU where they are attempting to hold individual citizens legally liable for doing nothing more than thinking they are wrong. With large organizations starting to resist them, the ACLU must now found a new defenseless target unable to afford to fight them: private citizens.

There are several other cases Darr mentions that have recently presented illustrating this point:

  • In Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana, the ACLU has called for the arrest of school teachers and administrators because the ACLU does not feel they adequately exorcised all Judeo-Christian influences from their classrooms and cafeterias.
  • In San Diego the ACLU is suing five local personalities, including Rush Limbaugh sub Roger Hedgecock, because they do not like the wording they have chosen to represent the "Arguments For" section of a local ballot initiative to save the Mt. Soledad Cross.
  • In the Keystone School District in Clarion County, Pennsylvania, even after the school board caved into the demands of the Pittsburgh ACLU, the ACLU is still suing the district because they felt that some in the community still "hoped" that there would be a prayer offered at the high school graduation.

Hmmmm…isn’t hope constitutional?  Last time I checked it was.

Obviously, the ACLU’s approach is alarming, but I can tell you that slowly their "minions" are starting to lose faith, tearing up their membership cards.  An ACLU who supports criminals more than victims, protects child molesters more than the child, initiates ridiculous cases to remove Ten Commandment monuments from public land and shreds their own documents is not the ACLU most want to support, even the most liberal souls out there.  There are just some things (can you say NAMbLA?) that even the most liberal liberal will refuse to support.

Today is Stop the ACLU! blogburst day!  Please head over to Stop the ACLU! and offer up your support.  There are many involved who continue to fight the good fight and you will find substantial information about the ACLU with just one stop!