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When the BTK Killer Whines, the MSM Listens

Why does this vile, evil shit stain get the time of day? I could care less about his whining rants about his attorneys and the fact that his wife is contemplating divorce.  HE’S A FRIGGIN murderer.  I’d get a divorce, too!  And the MSM just sucks it up for their next "hot story."  What a waste of bandwidth.

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White Trash Wednesday - White Trash Art

Hi ya’lls!

I got me a durn road trip comin’ up here in a spell.  Since I gotsta get my mobile trailer ready to go, I ain’t got much time to stop by.  But I did want to edeewcate you, my cuzins, by gettin’ you some culture:

That thare is white trash and art, all together in one.

Well, I’ll be damned - that thare is some White Trash Art as well.  I reckon we gots us a trend!

And that one thare, that is my favorite art piece.  Kinda looks like my garbage can, except for the whiteness.  I gots me bits of egg and pop all throughout, not to mention Mad Dog 20/20 stains.  That White Trash shore is purty.

Well, I reckon I must be off.  You done got yer culture, and I done spent some time with the best during cuzin’s this side of the trailer!

Ya’ll go visit everyone else, ya hear?