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Grandpa Abuses Granddaughter - Grandma says “You Got What You Deserve!”

…and I thought Grandma and Grandpa were supposed to keep the grandkids safe and happy:

SAN ANGELO, Texas (AP) - A couple have been indicted on aggravated sexual assault charges after authorities alleged the man raped his 13-year-old granddaughter and then her grandmother told the girl she "got what she deserves."

Arthur Y. Pena, 58, and Lidia Pena, 54, were indicted June 6. Arthur Pena faces three counts of aggravated sexual assault. Lidia Pena is accused of allowing an assault April 10, according to court documents.

What kind of sick asshole would do this to his granddaughter? 

"When the victim exited the bedroom, the (grandmother) laughed at her and told her she got what she deserves," Tom Green County Sheriff’s Deputy Ron Sanders wrote in criminal complaint documents filed in state district court.

To me, the grandmother is as guilty as the sick bastard who abused her.

This poor girl, upon examination, showed evidence of chronic physical and sexual abuse.  She’s thirteen years old and has had to grow up too fast - attempting to shelter herself from the very people who should love and protect her.  Dammit, it is so unfair for a child to be subjected to this horror.   

And to make matters worse, the girl has 3 younger siblings, who also lived with the grandparents.  Thank God they are out of there - they may have been next.

Arthur Pena was in the Tom Green County Jail on $100,000 bail Monday. Lidia Pena was released after posting $100,000 bond. A separate arrest warrant has been issued since her indictment. She had not been arrested as of Monday.

Please find and arrest that evil woman so this girl and her siblings don’t have to worry about her being out there, around the corner.

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Oh, Darn. Say It Isn’t So!

Oh darn.  Paris Hilton is telling us that she will be bowing out of public life to focus on family and her new man, Paris.  She even has it penned on her calendar to do this approximately 2 years from now.  Do we really have to wait so long? 

Mamamontezz’s “Twisted” Strawberry Preserves

All I’ve got to say is YUM!  My kids would love this on their toast!  Oh, and so would I

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Not Guilty?

So they found Michael Jackson "not guilty" on all counts.  Am I surprised?  No.  Will you ever convince me he’s innocent?  No.

I can’t even write about this - I’ll leave it up to others here and here and here.

Excuse me while I go puke now. 

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