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Woman who drowned daughters to go free after two years

Woman who drowned daughters to go free after two years

PLANO, Texas A Texas woman who drowned her two children in 2003 has been ruled mentally stable and will be freed from a state hospital.

Yay! Just two years of treatment and she’s “better”

Lisa Diaz drowned her three-year-old and five-year-old daughters by holding their heads under water in the bathtub of their home. She was tried only in the older girl’s death and found not guilty by reason of insanity.

And what about her second child? Brushed aside so they could simply use and receive a not guilty by reason of insanity? BULLSHIT!

In ordering Diaz to be released, a judge said the 36-year-old must remain on medication and continue treatment.

Be sure and take your meds and keep your shrink appointments and have a nice life. BULLSHIT!

While the district attorney office’s opposed Diaz’s release, prosecutors said the judge had no choice. They say the decision underscores the need to reform the insanity defense so that intentional killers are held accountable for their actions.

Need to reform…..no f-ing shit! How about GUILTY, but insane! They get their “treatment”, they get “better”, they get moved on to prison to serve the term that would correspond with their crime. Pretty f-ing simple.

loadbroker said:

You chose the definitive vocabulary word when you chose to sum up the situation as "BULLSHIT".

Angela said:

Correction: Pretty "Fuckin" Simple :evil:

Nancy Stroosnyder said:

ALRIGHTY! I CAN use "that" language! I didn't know if Merri would chase after me with a bar of soap or not!

Angela said:

Sometimes THAT language is appropriate depending on the situation. There are basically no words to describe the feeling that comes over me when I hear about people getting away with killing their kids. Did you watch Oprah today?

Nancy Stroosnyder said:

I did not see Oprah....I'm guessing I'm glad I missed it?

I lost my own son in an auto accident 4 years ago Nov. 21. You can only imagine the grief of losing a child. When I hear about parents killing or abusing their children I just want to BLOW! And then to read an article like the one above. Am I just as psycho for thinking I want to track these devils down and give them their "just dues"?

Monique said:

We need to change laws to be that if your declared sane, you still serve a sentence time and are not able to get out just by passing a pyhsc evaluation!!!! She could have been playing the doctors all along and there is a such thing as sane people doing insane things. It's called the devil and his demons!!

Liz said:

I hate that these women who kill their children are marked as evil. Obviously they were seriously, seriously ill at the time. Just the mere fact that they did what they did ipso facto makes them mentally ill. Don't you think that the memory and knowledge that they killed their children is punishment enough? Some European countries recognize post partum psychosis as a true mental illness, and they aren't prosecuted for killing their children. I watched the interview with David Crespi on Oprah and she was so mean to him ... like he didn't tell the truth. When you're that sick and that out of touch with reality, how can you make a rational decision to "tell the truth"? She was very hard on him and I wanted to throw my chair at him. I know I'm in the minority, but I feel some pity for these people. Depression and PPP are true illnesses that carry you far, far away from reality.

Merri said:

Liz...anyone woman who could kill her own kids *is* evil.

I'm tired of people blaming depression and PPD for murders versus the hands that hold their child's head under water until they are dead. Look....if depression and PPD are to blame, why aren't hundreds and thousands of women who have been diagnosed with these "illnesses" killing every day? It's because it is the person who has something broken in them - who could possibly be "sane" and murder a child anyway...shouldn't we let all those child killers run free since they can't possibly be in a sane state of mind while hacking a kid's arms off or slashing an infant's throat, or hunting their kids down one by one and drowning them?

And the person committed the crime, and I don't care whether or not they were "ill" - they are GUILTY and DANGEROUS and they shouldn't roam free in society with the opportunity to interact with other kids that they might harm. So let's find them GUILTY by reason of insanity and lock them away for good - give them "treatment" while they are locked away, but keep them confined so they cannot cause any more harm.


Vinnie said:

If anyone would know "far, far away from reality," it would be you, Liz.

Vinnie said:

I also notice that these child-killer apologist trolls never come out of the woodwork on the posts where fathers kill their children.

This blog is full of posts of fathers, or men in general who killed a child. Nary a peep from the Liz types. No cries of "depression" or "mental illness" arise on those posts.

I wonder why that is?

The anti-Liz types, they're consistent. They know evil when they see it, no matter what the gender engaging in it.

Angela said:

"True" illnesses is NO EXCUSE for killing another human being.

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