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Self-inflicted justice

Father dies after allegedly killing daughter

YORK, Va. It started with a Virginia man allegedly killing his two-and-a-half-year-old daughter.

It ended with the father committing suicide by walking into traffic on a busy interstate — but not before he was involved in two wrecks and a carjacking.

The sheriff of York County has pieced together the deaths of 49-year-old Michael Lowe and his daughter, Mali.

Sheriff J.D. Diggs says Mali was strangled and struck in the head over the weekend and her body dumped outside a vacant home.

Lowe then drove the wrong way onto a highway early Sunday, hitting a car head-on. Diggs says Lowe assaulted a woman who had stopped to help and stole her Ford Explorer.

Lowe then drove onto busy Interstate 64, where he ran the Explorer off the road. Then he walked onto the roadway, where he was struck by several vehicles, including a tractor-trailer.

Cool! Self-inflicted death sentence! While I feel bad for the drivers who bounced this scumbag all over the highway, I’m pleased that no tax dollars had to be used to prove this guy insane in the death of his daughter only to be “set free” in a couple of years when he’s cured.