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Woman who drowned daughters to go free after two years

Woman who drowned daughters to go free after two years

PLANO, Texas A Texas woman who drowned her two children in 2003 has been ruled mentally stable and will be freed from a state hospital.

Yay! Just two years of treatment and she’s “better”

Lisa Diaz drowned her three-year-old and five-year-old daughters by holding their heads under water in the bathtub of their home. She was tried only in the older girl’s death and found not guilty by reason of insanity.

And what about her second child? Brushed aside so they could simply use and receive a not guilty by reason of insanity? BULLSHIT!

In ordering Diaz to be released, a judge said the 36-year-old must remain on medication and continue treatment.

Be sure and take your meds and keep your shrink appointments and have a nice life. BULLSHIT!

While the district attorney office’s opposed Diaz’s release, prosecutors said the judge had no choice. They say the decision underscores the need to reform the insanity defense so that intentional killers are held accountable for their actions.

Need to reform…..no f-ing shit! How about GUILTY, but insane! They get their “treatment”, they get “better”, they get moved on to prison to serve the term that would correspond with their crime. Pretty f-ing simple.