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Danny R. Rouse, Paroled, Murder Redux

It’s clear the laws relating to murderers need to be revisted.

Rouse was convicted in the 1979 murder of a 5-year-old boy and stabbing of the child’s mother. He was paroled in March after spending 26 years in a Kansas prison.

This man, paroled by our gracious system, had a ticket to strike again. And strike again he did.

LOGANSPORT, Ind. — Authorities in Indiana said a restaurant worker has confessed to killing a co-worker — a 16-year-old girl whose body was found in a field.

They said Danny R. Rouse, a 51-year-old convicted child murderer, told them where to find the body of Stephanie Faye Wagner.

She was found dead in a cornfield about a mile from where her car was found abandoned, police said.

I can hear it now, what some likely think… “Merri, he served his time. What, you would want to put him away forever, Merri? He’s so sorry for what he did…what makes it right keeping him behind bars for his whole life?” Well, had he been behind bars his entire life, a 16-year-old girl would still be alive and the “cost” of putting a murderer behind bars for life in order to keep everyone safe is worth the price. I’d much rather see this beautiful girl coming into work every day, going to school and living a full life than see this man get freedom from prison after he murdered a 5-year-old and his mother.