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…He May be Crazy, but We’re Running a Close Second!

So, Hubby shared his daring adventures in Orlando, riding the Sky Coaster and the Sling Shot. Do I think he’s crazy? Damn right I do. Every time I thought about getting on one of those rides, I kept pondering whether my life insurance would cover it. Heh.

While I didn’t ride those rides, our 8-year-old was tricked into interested in riding G-Force, which is styled after drag racing. It propelled us to 110+ MPH in under 2 seconds. I have to say it scared me plenty (mostly going through my head was…”um, are the breaks working?!?!?!?!?” It was actually quite awesome, only paling in comparison to the pumped up look on my son’s face!

This isn’t us, but it could have been!

I’d recommend this ride to anyone who has a soooper seeeekrit wish to drag race!