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Video of Two Deceased U.S. Soldiers Released by al Qaeda

I can remember the horrific images we all saw on television on 9/11. Terrorist thugs ramming planes carrying people into our buildings - lives lost as they fell from the buildings to the earth. Much destruction all because the bastards thought we should die. These are the most vile, souless, disgusting creatures that have ever lived and al Qaeda proves it again by releasing a very graphic video of the desecration of two kidnapped U.S. soldiers, Kristian Menchaca and Thomas Tucker of the 101st Airborne.

Rusty over at The Jawa Report has the full story, including the video and pictures. Why, might you ask, am I linking you over there if the videos are so disturbing? Well, we cannot forget who the enemy is. We cannot forget what they are capable of. The MSM paints a picture of Gitmo as some torture scene and these assholes are beheading, desecrating and parading our dead soldiers for all the world to see as some kind of bullshit “revenge” story that makes absolutely no sense. What, truly, is the real evil here? Watching the video was tough for me in the sense that I know these soldiers were not only soldiers, but they were sons, and they were cousins, friends, nephews, brothers, grandsons. The difference between a person like me and these soldiers is bravery and a dedication to fighting for my freedom and yours - knowing there is a cost. But also knowing that the price they pay will keep freedom’s gift a part of America’s future. I will always stand behind our soldiers and I will always support them, but I need to understand as well - we can get somewhat forgetful with a body of water and the MSM filter between the front lines and here. This war is REAL - this isn’t some made up story to increase presidential approval ratings, or some street fight started by the U.S. for no reason. These people want us dead and will not stop until we stop them. You can choose to watch the video or not - some may not be able to, but I had to. This is the face of the enemy and it doesn’t matter your view on the war - it’s enraging.

All the anger and pain I felt on 9/11 resurfaced in just over 4 minutes of video. But along with the anger and pain comes strengthened resolve.