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…He May be Crazy, but We’re Running a Close Second!

So, Hubby shared his daring adventures in Orlando, riding the Sky Coaster and the Sling Shot. Do I think he’s crazy? Damn right I do. Every time I thought about getting on one of those rides, I kept pondering whether my life insurance would cover it. Heh.

While I didn’t ride those rides, our 8-year-old was tricked into interested in riding G-Force, which is styled after drag racing. It propelled us to 110+ MPH in under 2 seconds. I have to say it scared me plenty (mostly going through my head was…”um, are the breaks working?!?!?!?!?” It was actually quite awesome, only paling in comparison to the pumped up look on my son’s face!

This isn’t us, but it could have been!

I’d recommend this ride to anyone who has a soooper seeeekrit wish to drag race!

Beth said:

OMG, now THAT looks fun!!! I'd be on that thing all day!

Did the young'un freak out?

Merri said:

It was a blast! The boy freaked out for the minute it took to buy the ticket and get in the thing. After that, he was all "YEEEEEAH! THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!! WOOO HOOOOOOO!" :-) Just like me!

Beth said:

Looky what I just found!


(There's stuff from Busch Gardens there.)

Merri said:

We rode *all* of them, Beth....but the best was SheiKra...OMG...it suspends you at the top of the huge drop and you can't help but look down...and wait. Seemingly forever. Then BAM! It was awesome! The video doesn't do it justice, honestly!

Beth said:

I believe it. Damn, I miss rollercoasters!
I spent about two hours today looking at RC videos...you should see some of the newer ones out! There are a couple at Six Flags Magic Mountain that are AWESOME, and one at Cedar Point that is just insane!

Merri said:

I want to ride the Superman rollercoaster at six flags. There's one in Chicago. We were thinking it was worthy of a long weekend trip (I'm checking the calendar right now!!!). It basically tilts you so you are looking down at the ground and seemingly flying like Superman. Now, that would ROCK. Cedar Point has some great rides, too! We may be planning our next vacation around roller coasters. LOL

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