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Bull S***

So three university students set fire to nine Alabama churches and the only defense they can come up with was that it was a ‘joke’ that got ‘out of hand?’

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Three students have been arrested in connection with a string of church fires in Alabama.

Federal agents said Wednesday the college students accused in a string of Alabama church arsons first set the fires as “a joke.”

Benjamin Nathan Moseley, 19 and Russell Lee DuBusk Jr. are students at Birmingham Southern College, and were arrested on campus, according to WVTM-TV in Birmingham.

A spokesman for the college said the school had been informed of the investigation by authorities, and had been cooperating with officials from the church fire task force.

The third man, Matthew Lee Cloyd, was arrested by authorities at an undisclosed location late Wednesday morning. Cloyd is a student attending the University of Alabama-Birmingham.

That’s such bullshit. Give me a break.

News To Make Merri Cry
MANALAPAN, Fla. - The musician Yanni was arrested at his home after an alleged domestic dispute with his girlfriend, authorities said.


You didn’t know Merri was a Yanni fan too?

She even has “Yanni Live At The Acropolis.”

Rachael Ray eat your heart out.

Two Hours of ‘24′

Oh my. Two hours of 24 tonight…and things were absolutely nuts! I couldn’t swear by it, but I think I had a couple of heart palpitations. No, really…

I can’t believe that President Weaselboy would sell out his wife - telling a high ranking RUSSIAN official that she was mental. I’m sure it’s all for the sake of security. I think that’ll come back to bite him in the butt later.

Whose that VP anyway? Who does he think he is? When is the *real* president ever going to wake up from his coma….or did I miss something between the crash and now? We need someone who can *REALLY* be in charge.

Holy crap - Jack shot the evil corporate guy’s wife in the leg! And RoboCop didn’t care. What a jerk. I bet he never got her that ring she wanted for Christmas either. Bastard! But did you see the look on his face when he realized Jack was alive….again? Woo hoo!

Wow…the chick from Pulp Fiction and her slimy boyfriend got whacked. Who would have ever thought they’d get $20k for a keycard…they must have been on drugs or something…

Okay - so Aaron came in to see the first lady - did she hand him something? Or was she really trying to get some, um, comfort from him? Leave it up to Mike to interrupt. But he does get the first lady and her man slave back together. Hopefully she can kick some ass in high places (sooper sekrit hint…VEEP…get RID of that guy!).

Good to see Tony up and about….sad to see him learn about Michelle. Poor guy! But it’s stuff like this that gets him motivated to beat the crap out of people. I see him being a major player….and soon!

Kim’s back….and she brought Ponyboy with her. Dayum….he needs to put on a few pounds, dye his hair lighter brown and get rid of the goatee. Or put a bag over his head? I can’t believe I had a crush on that guy back in 8th grade. Or that Kim’s dating him. Chase was much more of a catch, but apparently he didn’t know how to talk to a woman. This guy had to get a degree to do just that. All the guys are drooling about Kim, and I’m sure they didn’t even see Ponyboy. Now they gotta do it for Jackky…ahem.

Sam-not-so-wise finally got up the nerve to tell the man that his Pulp Fiction druggie of a sister had stolen his CTU access card. But guess what…too late. What a stupid idiot. Hey, at least 60% of CTU was saved. 40% of their team was lost, and half of that was Edgar. It was kind of good to see Chloe cry. She really does have a heart…or was that just her allergies kicking in?

Favorite line from Chloe (when talking to Kim about Jack) “…so cut him some slack.” HA! That’s our girl Chloe!

I hate that Edgar died….all because he was checking on the sexy girl that was being written off the show. Edgar - priorities, priorities.

Wow….this was amazing, but it looks like I’ll need to get some heart medication for the next one…even the previews had my heart skipping beats - and it wasn’t even because Jack looks especially hot. Heh.

Give The Cartoon Jihad The Middle Finger

Add your name to the petition.

Via Agora.

He Truly Is a Monster

Charles Cullen was sentenced today to eleven consecutive life terms.

…one of the most prolific killers the U.S. health care industry has ever seen — escaped the death penalty after making a deal with prosecutors to tell them which patients he killed with hard-to-detect drug injections.

It’s fascinating that a man who claims to have killed close to 40 people was sitting in front of the courtroom with a bulletproof vest on.

Cullen has admitted to using lethal doses of medications — usually the heart medication digoxin — to kill patients. He told authorities when he was arrested in 2003 that he killed “very sick” patients, and described the slayings as mercy killings.

Many of the deaths were not recognized as murders at the time, in part because many of the victims were old or sickly. Cullen was finally caught after officials at Somerset Medical Center in Somerville began noticing that patients who died or nearly did had unusually high levels of digoxin in their bodies.

Cullen agreed to help investigators solve his killings. In exchange, prosecutors in all seven counties where he worked agreed not to seek the death penalty.

Because of the frailties of his memory and imprecise — and in some cases, destroyed — medical records, it is unclear whether authorities have identified all of his victims. Investigations remain open in two New Jersey counties.

It’s such a shame that the victims and their families have had to suffer through this disgusting man’s idea of playing God. Many of the victims’ family members wish that he could die the way his victims died - by lethal injection. No matter how much I’d like to see the same thing, I can’t help but be thankful this exuse for a human being won’t be able to inflict harm on anyone else.

Manifesto for Two, Please

By way of Hubby, a Manifesto against Islamofascism over at Agora…check it out!

Please, sign me up. Vinnie, my dear, you need some competition for your fatwa.

Please see the entire manifesto under the fold:

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Smells French to Me…

Breaking news from Orlando, FL…

A Disney employee claims she was raped by four co-workers.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said it’s investigating.

The alleged victim told authorities that she was walking home late Saturday when four men grabbed her and carried her into an apartment.

The alleged rape took place in an apartment where Disney houses employees from their international programs.

Hmmm….and does one have to wonder who may have been at the heart of this diabolical scheme (emphasis mine, of course)?

Charges haven’t been filed against the four French suspects who are employees of Disney’s International Program. Authorities said the four are cooperating with investigators and aren’t considered a flight risk.


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