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I’m sure most of you have heard about the website that was shut down because there was “molestation on demand” and 27 were charged with crimes relating to the site.

CHICAGO, Illinois (CNN) — An Internet chat room that streamed video of live child molestations has been shut down and 27 people have been charged with online child pornography offenses, federal authorities said Wednesday.

Justice Department and Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials still are looking for one suspect after an undercover sting operation shut down a Web site called “Kiddypics & Kiddyvids.”

No one has to read the rest of the article to know how vile and disgusting anyone associated with this filth has to be, but let me paint you a picture.

The indictment states that [Gregory J.] Sweezer sent two videos to an undercover law enforcement officer. Both videos depict a man molesting a girl younger than 12, the indictment states. Sweezer is also accused of distributing a video, the title of which suggests it contains images of a 7-year-old being molested.

That’s not all - read the article if you can.

But then you hear about these sleezebags who think that the timing of these arrests is all too “convenient” given GWB’s lower approval ratings. …and I quote (no, this really is a quote, as ridiculous as it may sound):

Call me cynical, but this kind of thing could occur any day of the week and yet just when asshole’s numbers are at their lowest, a “morals” story appears for the sheep.

Who the hell does this idiot think s/he is fooling? What does this have to do with *anything* like that? Yes, this type of shit goes on every day. There are sick, twisted child-molesting perverted assholes who go online with their recordings and fucked-up stories of the pleasure they have in raping little girls and boys. *THAT* happens every day. And then there are law enforcement officials who spend their blood, sweat and tears chasing after these fuckers who mask their IPs, change their URLs, demand information from people and participation from them in an attempt to ascertain whether they are a pervert or a law enforcement official before vomiting their filth all over perverts’ computer screens across the world. To try and call this some kind of politically-motivated “stunt” is nothing more than a slap to the face of those law enforcement officials who would do anything to bust these bastards. Shameful, that’s what it is. Shameful.

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