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Manifesto for Two, Please

By way of Hubby, a Manifesto against Islamofascism over at Agora…check it out!

Please, sign me up. Vinnie, my dear, you need some competition for your fatwa.

Please see the entire manifesto under the fold:

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Smells French to Me…

Breaking news from Orlando, FL…

A Disney employee claims she was raped by four co-workers.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said it’s investigating.

The alleged victim told authorities that she was walking home late Saturday when four men grabbed her and carried her into an apartment.

The alleged rape took place in an apartment where Disney houses employees from their international programs.

Hmmm….and does one have to wonder who may have been at the heart of this diabolical scheme (emphasis mine, of course)?

Charges haven’t been filed against the four French suspects who are employees of Disney’s International Program. Authorities said the four are cooperating with investigators and aren’t considered a flight risk.