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Bull S***

So three university students set fire to nine Alabama churches and the only defense they can come up with was that it was a ‘joke’ that got ‘out of hand?’

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Three students have been arrested in connection with a string of church fires in Alabama.

Federal agents said Wednesday the college students accused in a string of Alabama church arsons first set the fires as “a joke.”

Benjamin Nathan Moseley, 19 and Russell Lee DuBusk Jr. are students at Birmingham Southern College, and were arrested on campus, according to WVTM-TV in Birmingham.

A spokesman for the college said the school had been informed of the investigation by authorities, and had been cooperating with officials from the church fire task force.

The third man, Matthew Lee Cloyd, was arrested by authorities at an undisclosed location late Wednesday morning. Cloyd is a student attending the University of Alabama-Birmingham.

That’s such bullshit. Give me a break.