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Give Me a Terrorist and I’ll Raise You A Traitor

Whew….is it just me, or does 24 need a warning message for those with heart conditions? Tonight was no exception!

For all the dirt, check out Blogs4Bauer, for my high level thoughts, read on!

I *KNEW* Audrey was innocent, but she slept with Jack, so she must be tortured! Oh, and what’s with the tongue action. Wasn’t she just kinda tortured?

That scummy girl from Section 5. She better not go after Chiggy Killer! I think Chloe should touch her on the shoulder. Whatever.will.she.do?

What does Wayne Palmer know? Why is it the assistant to the First Lady that knows stuff? It can’t be the first lady, so the people that girl are closest to are Mike Novak (my number one choice for traitor…wouldn’t be the first time, eh?), the VEEP (he’s evil…I just know it) or both. I don’t think President Weasel is even capable of being part of such a big scheme. He can barely sign his name without crying. Wayne…shed some light. You gotta do it for Davey, do it for Davey! This plot line is getting very interesting! And Aaron….dayum, he kicked some butt just like Vinnie said he would!

…and why wasn’t Kim in that room at the natural gas distribution site? Oh, never mind…just a small wish of mine. Heh.

The Department of Homeland Security. I’m looking forward to Chiggy Killer’s all out assult on those who are all that are unholy and wrong. At least on 24. Now, if they could protect our borders with the same zeal they go after Audrey…Jack…CTU. Heh. Oh yeah, this is just TV.

I hate waiting a whole week for the next episiode. Just hate it. But I LOVE Monday nights!