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Huge Protests in Yemen

Please go here and here to read about the protests in Yemen - an issue the MSM doesn’t deem as important as Britney Spears belly and other such nonsense.  Please support Jane in her fight to bring this news to the forefront.  Please keep the people of Yemen in your thoughts and prayers.

Our Weekly Party AT the Cotillion!

The weekly party has begun!  Please stop over at The Cotillion to fill your head with some great posts by some great women!

This week’s hostesses have done a GREAT JOB and here they are:

Dr. Sanity
annika’s journal
Girl on the Right 

Mother Tries to Poison Her Child

Anyone who reads my blog knows that one area of focus for me is the welfare of children, and protection against pedophiles, abusive parents, and any other sick monsters who try to harm children.  This story is no exception and it infuriates me that this woman is actually trying to get custody of her child!

BEAR, Del. — A former pediatric nurse has been charged with trying to poison her toddler son by injecting human feces into his bloodstream.

Stephanie McMullen, 29, was charged Thursday with assault and reckless endangerment counts and released on bail.

Doctors at the hospital where McMullen worked alerted police that her 22-month-old son had been hospitalized six times since he was four months old for "serious, potentially life-threatening illnesses," acting police chief Lt. Col. Scott McLaren said.

During one examination, doctors found E. coli, a bacteria found in feces, in the boy’s bloodstream, and said the only way it could have entered the bloodstream was "through injection, not consumption."

"This could have eventually led to the death of the child," McLaren said.

A search of McMullen’s hospital locker turned up needles, a syringe holder and an intravenous line tap, and an examination of her home computer indicated she had been researching child poisoning, according to court records.

…and we let people like this out on bail.  Lovely…just lovely.

McLaren said the woman could have Munchausen syndrome by proxy, in which caregivers cause illnesses in children or exaggerate their symptoms in an effort to draw attention to themselves.

I don’t care what syndrome she has, or whether she was in the right mental status when she did it.  That doesn’t matter.  What matters is protecting the child, and any other children such a monster would come across.

McMullen’s attorney, Elwood Eveland Jr., said the child has an eating disorder, and that he has consulted with a medical expert who believes that what the child is suffering is part of a medical condition.

He said police have "absolutely no evidence of an objective nature" against her.

Um, Mr. Eveland…did you bother to check her locker?  I think a few of those items (needles, syringe holder and intravenous line tap) might give her motives away.

The boy was placed in foster care, and McMullen is scheduled to appear in Family Court next week to try to regain custody.

If the courts allow her to regain custody, I can almost fully predict that we will have another major story in the MSM talking about a parent who killed their child.  She shouldn’t have custody, and in my humble opinion, she shouldn’t be walking free, either.

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The French Can Have Him!

LONDON (Reuters) - Film director Roman Polanski is due to appear in a London libel case via video link from Paris next week, setting a legal precedent and avoiding the risk of extradition to the United States for a child sex offence.

Polanski is being allowed to sue the British publishers of Vanity Fair magazine from a hotel room in Paris after England’s highest court in February overturned an earlier ruling that would have forced him to come to London to fight his case.

I find it shameful that England’s highest court reached a decision to protect Polanski from the justice that awaits him so he can seek resolution in the libel case he filed.  The scum is an admitted pedophile, pleading guilty to a charge of having sex with a 13-year-old girl in 1977.  Following that pleading, he skipped bail and fled to France before sentencing. 

Polanski, who won a best director Oscar for "The Pianist" in 2003, has never been back to the United States or Britain, and if he came to London he would face possible extradition to America. He cannot be extradited from his native France.

Polanski’s lawyers say it will be the first time a libel claimant has given evidence at trial via video link.

"The idea, more than 25 years after Polanski left the United States, that he is still unable to return or even enter this country is extraordinary," said Joshua Rozenberg, legal editor at the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

No, Mr. Rozenberg, it’s called the law and it is not extraordinary in the least.  Polanski acknowledged his guilt, and fled to avoid his punishment.  I think it is extraordinary that you think time - plus an Oscar and a few million dollars of wealth - erases his accountability. 

The case has generated debate in Britain about whether Polanski should be allowed to use the country’s legal system while avoiding the consequences of its laws.

Of course it has.  I’m sure the majority of Brits know that Polanski is nothing special and shouldn’t be afforded the privileges of utilizing their legal system.  It probably also pisses off quite a few that their courts would stoop to the same level as the French and allow special accommodations for Polanski, while allowing him to avoid taking responsibility for his own criminal acts.

The arrogance of Polanski is unbearable - he blends right into that rotting cesspool called France.  Here is a man whose attorneys fought for him to get access to the judicial system from afar so *his* justice could be pursued all the while avoiding the consequences stemming from his own crimes.  Sickening, isn’t it?

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Stop the ACLU! Blogburst

Please visit Stop the ACLU! for their weekly blogburst.  Learn about the many ways the ACLU is attempting to destroy America.


So the ACLU is "Dismayed at Lack of Reprimand For Top General" with regard to a government inquiry into interrogations conducted at Guantanamo Bay.

WASHINGTON - In anticipation of the release of a long-awaited government inquiry into the interrogation practices used by American personnel at Guantánamo Bay, the American Civil Liberties Union today said that the government broke the law and failed to hold the higher levels of the military accountable. The failure to reprimand the commanding general at Guantánamo was another demonstration of the military’s inability to hold itself accountable.

The investigation was headed by Lt. Gen. Randall M. Schmidt of the Air Force, and is expected to be delivered to the Senate Armed Services Committee at an open hearing today.

The following can be attributed to Anthony D. Romero, ACLU Executive Director:

"It is irrefutable that the government violated the Geneva Conventions and the Army Field Manual.

I’m sorry, but it most certainly is *not* irrefutable.  According to the Geneva Conventions, "Convention I offers protections to wounded combatants, who are defined as members of the armed forces of a party to an international conflict, members of militias or volunteer corps including members of organized resistance movements as long as they have a well-defined chain of command, are clearly distinguishable from the civilian population, carry their arms openly, and obey the laws of war."  When was the last time you saw a terrorist follow a chain of command, let alone one that was "well defined?" How many terrorists distinguish themselves from the civilian population?  They don’t carry their arms openly and they sure as hell don’t obey the laws of war.  Let’s get back to ACLU henchman Anthony Romero (emphasis mine):

"…The report backs up claims by FBI agents that the government was breaking the rules at Guantánamo Bay. As before, low-ranking men and women will take the full blame while the higher ups get off scot-free. Despite General Schmidt’s recommendation to reprimand the commander of Guantánamo Bay, General Geoffrey Miller, a higher-ranking general refused to punish General Miller. Once again, we have abuse without high-level accountability. That will only encourage impunity and allow the abuse to continue."

Not surprising, the ACLU fails to mention that the reason Gen. Bantz Craddock overruled the recommendation to reprimand Army Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller was because there was no finding that U.S. law or policy was violated.  Because of that, there is nothing for which to hold him accountable.

I think the ACLU has forgotten this (graphic images, but a good reminder of why we are in this war on terror).  Let’s not forget that the terrorist is a terrorist, not a victim. 

Put on Your Dancin’ Shoes - the Cotillion is Back!

The ladies of the Cotillion are back, with a big party on Tuesday!  A big thank you to our lovely hostesses for the week, Feisty Repartee, Sisu and Villianous Company.

We were also InstaLanched this week…great job, ladies!

Face of Evil

Maybe now this evil monster - Joseph Edward Duncan III - will *stay* off the street now that he is being charged with the murders of Shasta Groene’s family…unless he were to get *this* judge again…The Fury of The Therapist’s post so accurately puts into words what has been rolling around in my head since this story first came out.

What, She Worry?

So Hillary Clinton has decided to relegate President Bush to a comic-book character, huh?

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - Republicans took aim at Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday for a speech comparing President Bush to Mad magazine’s freckle-faced, "What, me worry?" kid, Alfred E. Neuman.

I’m not surprised.  It isn’t the first time she’s tossed out crass or rude comments about Republicans.  Seems as Hillary’s only way to deal with those who are far superior to her is to pull open her "Mad Magazine" collection and come up with those one-liners.  The NY GOP was quoted saying:

"At a time when President Bush and most elected officials are focused on the security of our nation, Mrs. Clinton seems focused on taking partisan jabs and promoting her presidential campaign," added New York’s GOP chairman, Stephen Minarik. "Her priorities are clearly out of whack."

I’m disappointed, however, that the AP didn’t include this very telling photo of one of our younger Republicans taking issue with Ms. Clinton’s statement:

Cross Posted at MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

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John Cusimano & Rachael Ray

For those of you who are fans of Rachael Ray and John Cusimano (I know you’re out there, I’ve seen you on my stats!), I came across an article that actually has a picture of both of them together (gasp!). 

The article talks of her new magazine "Every Day with Rachael Ray" and also talks about an episode of $40 a Day that she filmed at Gloria Estefan’s Miami restaurant "Lario’s."  You can read more here!

Anyway for those of you crazed fans, here is the picture….enjoy!


An Angel Can Now Be Laid to Rest

Little 9-year-old Dylan Groene’s remains were positively identified after being found in Montana last week.

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho  — The human remains found in Montana last week belong to kidnapped Idaho boy Dylan Groene, DNA testing has shown, according to Capt. Ben Wolfinger of the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office.

Wolfinger said in an e-mail that the FBI lab in Quantico, Va., had positively identified the remains.

"Out of respect for the Groene family and to maintain the integrity of the investigation and prosecution of this matter, there will be no further comment regarding these results," Wolfinger wrote in the e-mail, adding that investigators continue to follow-up on other leads.

Justice will come for Joseph Edward Duncan III whether here or when he meets his maker.  I pray that justice will be swift and fitting of the crimes commited here.  As far as a walk in the mind of this monster, visit Rusty’s site here.  This bastard blogged his twisted thoughts - be warned, however, it is not easy reading knowing what this man has done. 


Dylan was such an adorable young man, so full of life, and did not deserved to be plucked off this earth.  God bless and watch over Dylan’s family so they can work through this tragedy the best they can. 

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The ACLU Makes Me Crazy

One of their latest stunts?  Read on:

(07/06/05 — KNIGHTDALE) — The ACLU says it’s ready to go after Knightdale’s crackdown on gang violence.

The civil rights group says the town’s new teen curfew is violating teen’s rights. They’re hoping parents and teenagers who are tired of the new rules will go to a forum July 28 at 7 p.m. at the East Wake Regional Library.

"Something we’d like to look into is the timing restrictions, the lack of a First Amendment exception and the gathering of four or more minors together," said ACLU lawyer Shelagh Kenney.  

Knightdale police and community leaders say the month-old curfew is working. Officers say they’ve handed out only six warnings and no citations.

"We were having all kinds of calls," said Knightdale Town Councilman Mike Chalk. "We were having 15 or 20 calls a week, and we’ve only had six since the ordinance has been put in place."

Bwhahahahahahah - this is so ridiculous - right up the ACLU’s alley.  I know the answer, but I have to ask the question:  When is the ACLU going to realize that it’s frivilous crap such as this that just adds to their crackpot reputation?  I know, they never will - they don’t get it.  I could talk forever and not run out of things to say about the ACLU’s ineffectiveness and stupidity.  Which is okay - it keeps my little blog going. 

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The Mad Dog Vinnie Description of Terrorists

When Mad Dog Vinnie rants, I listen.  You should, too.  Oh, and so should the terrorists.

The Devil Made Him Do It - and Other Such B.S.

Three reasons why Dennis Rader, the self-proclaimed BTK Killer will never take full responsiblity for his own actions, even though he "apologized":

He Says The Devil Made Him Do It

I just know it’s a dark side of me. It kind of controls me. I personally think it’s a — and I know it is not very Christian — but I actually think it’s a demon that’s within me. … At some point and time it entered me when I was very young," said Rader, who was once president of his Lutheran church.

*THEY* Should Have Figured Out I Was a Sick Bastard Long Ago

"Somewhere along the line, someone had to pick something up from me somewhere that there was a problem," he said. "They should have identified it."

Don’t Make My Family My Final Victims

"I am going to pay for it with a life sentence. The final victims are my … family," he said.

So this monster, a person who terrorized a community over the course of considerable years and taunted the media with vague clues about the cases (i.e. the last item a cereal box carefully staged to be found when *he* wanted it found), can’t find it in himself to just say "I’m guilty…I did it." 

Yet again, society has another criminal who has to find blame with someone or something else.  Additionally, he brings in his family to this - they will be his last victims.  Mr. Rader, they were victims all along - you strung them along as you completed your morbid, disgusting crimes right under their noses.  You played everyone around you - meticulously taunting officials and covering up your sick games, putting on the face of a Christian, the face of a responsible adult, the face of a Boy Scout leader.  This is NO ONE’s fault but your own and justice should be swift so the families of your victims can close this very painful chapter of their lives and move ahead.   

God Bless London and the Brits

May God bless you and all of the families and victims affected by this tragedy today.  You will recover and be even stronger - much like your American brothers and sisters have.

More info and updates over at Beth’s place.


Stop The ACLU linked with Britain, We Stand by you
Stop the ACLU! - Just Which Side Are They On, Anyway?

Five Muslim-Americans Detained In Iraq (emphasis mine)

WASHINGTON, July 6 (Reuters) - The American military is holding five U.S. citizens, apparently including a Los Angeles filmmaker, among more than 10,000 detainees in Iraq on suspicion of possible terrorist or other criminal activity, the Pentagon said on Wednesday.

All of the five are being held without charges or access to lawyers. Three have dual Iraqi citizenship, one dual Iranian citizenship and a fifth man, arrested late last year in Iraq, dual Jordanian citizenship. Of the four arrested this year, one was taken into custody in April, two in May and another in June.

Defense Department spokesman Bryan Whitman declined to identify the five. But the New York Times (of course!) on Wednesday identified one as Cyrus Kar, 44, an aspiring filmmaker from Los Angeles who was arrested in Iraq in May.

The newspaper said Kar, a naturalized American born in Iran who had enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1983, traveled to Iraq in mid-May to work on a documentary. He was arrested when he was stopped in a taxi in Baghdad by Iraqi security forces, who found what they suspected what might be bomb parts in the car. Whitman said they included “several dozen” washing machine timers.

Kar’s relatives told the New York Times that on June 14 an FBI agent, John D. Wilson, returned items seized on May 23 from Kar’s Los Angeles area apartment and assured them the FBI had found no reason to suspect Kar. “He’s cleared,” one of Kar’s aunts, Parvin Modarress, quoted Wilson as saying, the newspaper reported.

The Pentagon, however, remained tightlipped. “I’m not going to get into any detail,” Whitman said.“ What I will say is that one of these individuals was believed to have knowledge of planning associated with attacks on coalition forces. Another individual had in his possession possible IED (improvised explosive devices) components. One individual was possibly involved in kidnapping and another was engaged in what was described as ‘suspicious activities.’”

Ahem.  I would think that the reasons noted above would be more than adequate to detain these individuals.  Apparently the ACLU doesn’t think so, at least for the, um, "aspiring filmmaker" Cyrus Kar:

Saying Kar is being held unjustly, the American Civil Liberties Union sued the government on Wednesday in an effort to secure his release.

It never fails to amaze me that this pedophile-worshipping, teen-abortion-exhaulting, "poor criminal" advocating group tends to align with the individual(s) who set out to cause harm.  Screw the victim’s rights, screw the safety of our troops, screw the facts.  Sure, ACLU, let’s release this guy.  While you’re at it, why don’t you ship him back to Iraq so he can continue on his "filmmaking trip?"  Oh, and why don’t you just give him some timers to put in the trunk of his car?  Um, didn’t anyone tell you that we are at war with terrorists?  If it looks like a duck, if it talks like a duck, if it is carrying bomb parts in the trunk…

Punta del capello to Little Green Footballs (and to my hubby for pointing this out to me!)

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