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Children in Yemeni Prison

al shoura issue 510 jun 22 2005 page 11 (translation from Arabic)

arrested and hostages in the regime prisons

abdul karim alwazeer has been in Taiz central prison for two years
without being charged or sentenced. abdulkarim is mentally ill

torturing houssain almoayad in sadda prison

children in sadda prison

1-aref mosa alqusi 9 years wounded

2- yahya abdulla alqalibi 11 years wounded in his head severly
some parts of his brain went out by heavy machine gun

3- mohammed ahmed almokhtar 10 years wounded

4- ahmed abdul rahman al asri 11 years wounded by many bullets

5- bader aldeen abdula moslih 12 years very ill, nervous system and
skin damage as a result of using chlorine gas by the army in the first war last year

6- adel mohammed al saifi 12 years

7- izzalddin alhouthi 12 years

8- hussain mohammed al houthi torture and beating in his feet
until losing consciousness for long time . this happend a day ago

9-abdul rahman alqasimi 25 years very severe and dagerious wounds

10- abed alfaidi 20 years his leg was cut

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