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The ACLU Makes Me Crazy

One of their latest stunts?  Read on:

(07/06/05 — KNIGHTDALE) — The ACLU says it’s ready to go after Knightdale’s crackdown on gang violence.

The civil rights group says the town’s new teen curfew is violating teen’s rights. They’re hoping parents and teenagers who are tired of the new rules will go to a forum July 28 at 7 p.m. at the East Wake Regional Library.

"Something we’d like to look into is the timing restrictions, the lack of a First Amendment exception and the gathering of four or more minors together," said ACLU lawyer Shelagh Kenney.  

Knightdale police and community leaders say the month-old curfew is working. Officers say they’ve handed out only six warnings and no citations.

"We were having all kinds of calls," said Knightdale Town Councilman Mike Chalk. "We were having 15 or 20 calls a week, and we’ve only had six since the ordinance has been put in place."

Bwhahahahahahah - this is so ridiculous - right up the ACLU’s alley.  I know the answer, but I have to ask the question:  When is the ACLU going to realize that it’s frivilous crap such as this that just adds to their crackpot reputation?  I know, they never will - they don’t get it.  I could talk forever and not run out of things to say about the ACLU’s ineffectiveness and stupidity.  Which is okay - it keeps my little blog going. 

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