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What I Did on Summer Vacation

We are back from vacation - and what a GREAT vacation it was!  It was great spending a week with family and kids, a boat, a jet ski, a huge body of water and a cooler full of summer, um, refreshments!

We left last Saturday and, of course, had car trouble.  We made it to our destination and the Dodge dealer - in the middle of nowhere I might add - replaced our radiator and thermostat.  Oh, did I mention we had the thermostat, etc., checked out the day before we left and were told "there’s no problem - it’s just hot in Nebraska today."  I think I owe that garage a call.  Hmmmmm…oh hell, that’s another story entirely.  Back to vacation…ahhhhhh!

We brought our boat and our jet ski with us and had the opportunity to keep them in the water all week, which made for fun.  We took both day and night cruises in the boat and couldn’t help but seek out the largest wake with the jet ski.  Some of the boats were 40-50 feet and flew across the lake.  See, in Nebraska, our boat is "normal" to other boats out on the lakes here.  At this lake, we looked like we were in a toy boat compared to
some of the monsters out there.  That’s okay.  We also found a great, calm cove and had a chance to tube as well.  I really loved being able to boat up to a restaurant or bar  to get a drink or dinner.  We really liked the boat that could go 160 mph and had two 150 gallon gas tanks.  Eric told the owner he’d love to tube behind *that* to which the owner replied "sure, go get a tube - I’d tow you."  Eric eloquently turned down the offer.

Eric and I also got a chance to para-sail.  It was fun, but given all the apprehension people had when I told them we were going para-sailing, I was expecting "roller coaster" thrills but got more of a "Ferris wheel" thrill.  It was amazing seeing the lake from so high in the air and it was very calming.  They even dipped our feet in the water coming back in.  I suppose if something had gone wrong, I may have been telling a different story, but it was worth the experience.  Says Eric to neighbor:  "Yeah, they give you a life jacket to wear - I mean, if you fall and hit the water from that high up you’d probably be dead.  I guess the life jacket is on so they can recover your body easier?"  I never even thought about falling.  Heheheh.

We stayed at a little resort that had cabins right on the lake.  We had a bar right across the cove that we floated our boat over to a couple of times.  They had these amazing drinks called Rum Runners.  Let’s just say I am a cheap date while drinking those things.  At least 5 different types of alcohol.  We got "to go" cups one night and brought them back across the lake.  Yum!

The kids had a really good time.  We had ducks that frequented our cabin because our daughter, Emily, was always feeding them.  If anyone else walked toward them they would scatter.  When Emily walked toward them they would come running.  Our son, Bradley, got a chance to fish and caught some.  We saw some pretty monster sized fish, too.  I saw a couple  jump in the air right in front of me when I was jet skiing.  We never did snag a large one - I think they got large for a reason - they avoid the hooks.


I don’t think we came anywhere near seeing all that we could see.  I would say if I could find a job and/or could afford some of the lake front property they had out there, we’d move there in a heart beat.  We’re already talking about going back next year.


A huge thank you to those of you who guest blogged for me while I was out:

Beth from MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Carol from An American Housewife

Janette from Common Sense Runs Wild

Jody from Steal the Bandwagon

Jane from Armies of Liberation

I had no worries while I was gone as I knew my blog was in capable hands!  And a special thanks to Beth, who even kept up on some, ahem, Rachael Ray blogging as well.  I owe you all big and couldn’t have asked for anything more! 

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We had fun on vacation.  I’ll post on that later.

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