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Child Molester Not Considered “Safe” in Prison Gets Probation

I am in awe (and not in a good way) about how criminals can be treated as victims. Be prepared to be furious:

SIDNEY, Neb. — A man found guilty of sexually assaulting a child has been given 10 years of probation by a judge who said the man was too small to survive prison.

District Judge Kristine Cecava of Cheyenne County on Tuesday sentenced Richard Thompson, 50, on two counts of sexually assaulting a minor.

Cecava told Thompson in court that his crime “is absolutely inexcusable” and that he deserved a long sentence. But she expressed concern that the 5-foot-1-inch Thompson would be especially imperiled by prison dangers.

Yes. You heard that right. Poor Mr. Child Molester might get himself hurt in prison because he’s short-of-stature so let’s give him a piddly-ass 10 year probation sentence. Why can’t I feel any empathy whatsoever for this scum of society? C’mon. Does the 50-year-old guy not understand that there are consequences to the crime he committed? Of course he does. So he deserves the same consequences that the 5′9″ child molester gets. THE PUNISHMENT SHOULD FIT THE CRIME. The molester is *not* the victim here and I find it egregious that a judge would give him a lessened sentence for this reason.

Anyone who follows these types of cases knows rehabilitation for pedophiles and child molesters is virtually fruitless. So do *you* think 10 years of probation is going to keep Mr. Thompson away from another child? Talk about a slap on the wrist:

Thompson will be electronically monitored the first four months of his probation, and he was told to never be alone with someone under age 18 or date or live with a woman whose children were under 18. Cecava also ordered Thompson to get rid of his pornography.

I’m *sure* he’ll listen. If I was a betting person, I’d say we’ll be reading about him and his next victim in the not-too-distant future. What an avoidable tragedy that is.

UPDATE: Jon Bruning, Nebraska’s Attorney General is my hero! Take *that* Cecava!

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