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A Heart-Breaking Case of Baby Murders

I don’t know how I missed this story when it originally surfaced, but reading this article makes me sick to my stomach and full of disgust that a human being could possibly do something like this.

FRANKFURT AN DER ODER, Germany — Family members of a German mother accused of killing nine of her newborn babies testified Tuesday their suspicions she was pregnant were met with denials.

Sabine Hilschinz, who was arrested after the remains were found last July buried in flower pots and a fish tank in her parents’ back yard, has been standing trial in state court here since last week.

Yes, you read that right. Nine newborn babies. Carried the pregnancies to term and once the babies were born, she buried them in flower pots and fish tanks.

Hilschinz, 40, faces eight counts of manslaughter for the deaths, believed to have taken place between 1988 and 1998. She could be jailed for up to 15 years if convicted. She will not be prosecuted in the death of a ninth child because of the statute of limitations.

Frank Koenig, a nephew of Hilschinz, said he recalled the family discussing the possible pregnancies with her, but when she denied them, they accepted her story.

Imagine being a friend of the family and finding some of the remains while you were cleaning out their garage.

Initially she saw plastic bags, he said, but pulling it out they found the remains of the babies.

“And then lots of little bones fell out,” he said.

Further digging in several flower pots turned up a baby’s skull. A day after the discovery, family members decided to contact the police, he said.

How horrible! And this woman stated to a judge last August that she only really remembers two of the births because in all of the other births she got drunk when she went into labor.

I guess to her, abortion wasn’t the answer (likely due to her selfish concerns about her OWN health) , but it seemed okay to wait until the baby was born to kill it. Has she heard of adoption? How about contraception? How about keeping her legs together?

I see shit like this and I almost can’t see straight I’m so pissed. Gah!!

The Anti-American “Civil Liberties” Union…at it Again

They are at it again - saying they are doing it in the name of “free speech:”

FRANKFORT, Ky. — The American Civil Liberties Union is challenging a Kentucky law aimed at preventing protests from disrupting funerals for soldiers killed in Iraq.

Members of a Kansas Baptist church have protested at military funerals, claiming soldiers’ deaths are a sign that God is punishing America for tolerating homosexuality.

The new law, signed by Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher in March, bans protests within 300 feet of memorial services, wakes and burials.

The ACLU says this goes way too far and limits free speech and expression too much. This is rich:

The ACLU argues that people could unknowingly violate it by stopping to chat on a public sidewalk near a funeral home. The civil liberties group said it could also prevent pro-military people from participating in counter-protests outside memorial services.

Oh yeah, sure. Here is Bob walking up the street and sees his friend Fred in front of a funeral home and they stop and chat. CHAT…not to demonstrate, not to protest, not to yell hateful things about a fallen soldier at his or her funeral, but to CHAT. And Bob and Fred would get arrested? What crap. …and I love the way the ACLU slips in that they are also challenging the law to protect the counter-protests. How admirable of them.

Let a family mourn the loss of their hero. No one is saying a person or people cannot protest, they just can’t sit by the casket while they are doing it.

Update: More at Protein Wisdom & Stop the ACLU!

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Miscalculation of Protestors in Omaha

Here at Merri Musings, we are proud to say that we are in a position to put to rest a discrepancy noted in the local news*:

Several thousand people participated in a rally at Omaha’s Tranquility Park on Monday afternoon. Police and organizer estimates conflict on exactly how many people marched. Omaha police estimated about 2,000 people participated, but organizers said it was three or four times that.

Our most effective reporters were on the scene and can, indeed, solve this debate. Omaha police, as well as rally organizers, were slightly off from the actual count. Here is a photo from today’s event:

*what you have just read in this post is sarcasm. Any confusion with actual events and/or anything like it will be solely and entirely blamed on the reader. Thank you, and have a great day!