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“Dad” Pleads Not Guilty of Killing Daughter

I appreciate that there are mental illnesses in the world. I appreciate, at times, that mental illness will make you believe things that aren’t necessarily true and may make you do things you normally wouldn’t do. I don’t have a popular view on this - either that or there are a lot of vocal people that have to comment against my views on this - but I get virtually sickened when I see another murderer who is trying to get off on a “not guilty by reason of insanity” plea.

Clarendon Hills resident Neil Lofquist pleaded not guilty (requires subscription) Monday to charges he raped and killed his 8-year-old daughter last month.

DuPage Judge Michael Burke ordered the continuation of psychiatric tests that will be provided to the prosecution and defense.

Lofquist, 41, is accused of sexually assaulting his daughter, Lauren, two days before her death and again the night he allegedly choked, stabbed and dunked her head in a toilet.
He appeared briefly Monday morning in DuPage County Courthouse, where he pleaded not guilty to 21 counts of first-degree murder and two counts of predatory sexual abuse.

At the hearing, Lofquist, wearing a yellow jumpsuit that indicates he is on a mental health watch, was assigned a public defense attorney after Terry Ekl, his private attorney, dropped out of the case.

Human beings typically do not have a tendency to want to murder other human beings. These are things that come about either due to a lack of conscious, a life-time of conditioning within an enviornment (i.e. heavy abuse, etc.), or due to what is commonly known as “mental illness.” In my opinion, and again this is my opinion, there isn’t a murderer out there who could be classified in any definition of “sane.” It takes an extraordinary departure from conscious, from knowing right and wrong to decide to kill - especially your own child. It doesn’t make a person any less guilty of committing the act, and it doesn’t make the person any less dangerous. Which is why I firmly believe we need to protect society against those who are deemed “insane” murderers and those who are deemed “sane” murderers. Both committed murder. Both brought death to another human being. Maybe I’m just hung up on the term. If a person pleaded “GUILTY by reason of insanity” I would feel a bit better about it (as long as the punishment fit the crime).

I think it’s shameful to use mental illness as a way to gain a level of innocence when there’s no doubt a person committed the act. It’s infrequent that a person with bipolar or depression kills another person. To me there’s something else. A person who is able to kill another human (war and self-defense aside) is wired differently. Layering mental illness makes the issue more complex but it truly doesn’t change the guilt of the act. They did it, they are dangerous and they should not walk side-by-side with your child, my child, me or you.

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