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Students Disciplined for Wearing American Flag Shirts to School

Suspended, even! And one was wearing a D.A.R.E. shirt with a flag in the background! Has this country gone insane?

DENVER — Several students at a Denver-area middle school have been disciplined for wearing shirts that depict the American flag — an act that is in direct violation of the public school’s recent ban on all flags, depictions of flags, or flag colors on student clothing.

One of the students at Shaw Heights Middle School said he was suspended for wearing a D.A.R.E. program shirt with a flag behind the logo. Another student said she was sent home for wearing a Marine Corps shirt. Another student told reporters that she was told to turn her Marine Corps shirt inside out and when she did and then later turned it back the right way, she was suspended.

All shirts with flags are banned due to the “immigration debate.” Welcome to Middle School in middle America.

The schools fly the American flag in the classrooms and other areas.

….and I’m off to get ready for work. …and to find one of my American flag shirts.