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My Mini-Hiatus is Mostly Done

Hi all!

The great Sadie has been working hard to convert Merri Musings to Word Press and I’m now able to post! It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? Timing couldn’t have been better. We’ve been bitten with spring fever, we’ve been getting a billion things done in our yard (landscaping, new patios, fence, etc.) and dealing with that has been pretty time consuming.

I love this time of year…all the trees getting their leaves, the new grass and flowers/plants, and outdoor grilling! On top of everything else, we’ve put in an order for a really nice grill, too. We’ll pick it up on Tuesday! By then, we should have sod. The only thing left may be the fence panels, but maybe they’ll all get it done Monday. Heh. Right….

Anyway, I’ll probably put up a post that might be worth reading later tonight. Today will be dedicated to laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning and all other things unholy. :-)