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Baby’s Body Abandoned in Cemetery

What happened here?

OMAHA, Neb. – Council Bluffs police are investigating a fetus abandoned in cemetery Saturday.

A couple walking in the Cedar Lawn Cemetery made the discovery in the crest lawn section and they called Council Bluffs police.

An autopsy was performed on the fetus at 10 a.m. Monday Investigators said it was a 17-week-old male.

“We have a fetus; we believe it’s about 17 weeks in term and it’s possibly been outside for two weeks,” said Sgt. Jerry Mann, of the Council Bluffs Police Department.

My heart breaks thinking about him being abandoned. Understandably this could have been a miscarriage, but to abandon the child’s body in a cemetery (obviously he hadn’t been buried as a couple happened upon his body as they were walking) invokes such sadness in me.

I can’t help but think those who rally to allow women to suck their babies out of the womb and into a sink has had some influence on the woman who abandoned this baby. Human life should mean more than this.

The MSM is not Biased in their Views!

I usually check the local news before work, mostly to see what the weather is like. But when I see a headline like this, I feel compelled to stop by and rant for just a minute:

“Senior Citizen Loses Bid to Avoid Execution”

You can’t tell me the author of this story doesn’t have bias one way or the other - I mean, c’mon! The senior citizen in question is Clarence Ray Allen, a 76-year-old who could be the oldest man to ever be executed in California. I guess the author has forgotten what Clarence Ray Allen is guilty of.

He was sentenced to death in 1980 for hiring a hit man who killed three people at a Fresno market. Allen already was serving a sentence for murder at the time the hit was ordered.

He had murdered someone, was serving a sentence, and then ordered a hit from his prison cell which caused the death of three additional people. Ah….this guy is just your normal grandfatherly type, right?

It’s interesting that the news station where I got this story is running a poll to see how many people think this death row inmate should get his sentenced reduced to life (I mean after all the poor guy is a sick, elderly man and execution at this point would be inhumane) or whether the execution should take place. When I looked at the poll this morning, 83% of voters felt he should be executed for the crimes he committed. Surprise, surprise…yet another MSM author who doesn’t have the pulse on readership. Go figure.

Update: So I come home from work to find they’ve changed the article’s title to “76-Year-Old Man Faces Execution in California.” Interesting how things change in a matter of hours. It doesn’t mean they still aren’t looking for our sympathy. The article references that his birthday was Monday (today?) and that he is legally blind, nearly deaf and in a wheelchair. What they fail to point out directly is that his victims aren’t legally blind, nearly deaf and in a wheelchair…they are DEAD.