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Beth’s Right Meme Conspiracy

I’ve got to say, when I first saw that Beth had tagged me for a meme, I was a bit concerned, especially when the topic was to speak about five weird things about yourself.  Then I read Beth’s post and knew I couldn’t possibly be as weird as her.  Heh.  HAHAHAH!

Anyway, so I’m supposed to come up with five weird things.  I asked my hubby one weird thing I do, and he just couldn’t come up with anything.  Yeah, right.  He just REFUSED to go there.  Eh, I guess I can’t blame him.  We do live in the same house and all, huh?!?!

So I’m left to my own devices….here goes!

1)  I don’t really like ketchup as a rule, but will eat it on certain things.  I do not like ketchup on french fries at all.  I *do* like it on hot dogs and hamburgers, but it grosses me out if there’s too much of it - like when it squishes out between the buns and oozes everywhere…how disgusting!  I can only handle a thin (very thin) line across a hot dog and if it is on a burger, it can only be as much as what would moisten the bun enough to stick to the burger.  The worst thing?  A hamburger patty sliding around inside an overly "condimented" burger….ACK!  I guess I’m just not a condiment over-doer.

2)  I can’t eat nuts in things.  Cookies, cakes, ice cream, fudge….don’t ruin it by putting nuts in it!  Those things have just the right consistency without nuts.  Do I like nuts?  Absolutely….but by themselves, or in peanut M ‘n’ Ms.  As an example, ice cream is supposed to melt in your mouth with nothing left.  If you have nuts in the ice cream, well, you have to chew it.  Or all you have left is a mouth full of nuts and no ice cream. 

3)  I can’t seem to finish a bottle of pop.  Just today, I thew away 3 partially full bottles at work.  You see, pop has to be cold.  Ice cold.  If it doesn’t stay ice cold, I can’t drink it.  and I can’t pour warm pop over a cup full of ice.  The ice melts too fast and waters down the pop and makes it less fizzy.  I like ice cold pop - so cold that ice particles are starting to form in the bottle or can.  Now THAT’s what I’m talking about.  This applies to beer as well, which is why I don’t drink beer often.  I’ve been known to put ice in my beer to keep it cold, which I’m told is an absolute NO NO (whoops - starting to sound like Beth with all the "food issues" going on…better change the subject!)!

4)  Why am I full of useless information?  I can recite full portions of movies, I can sing you most 80s songs, even down to the grunts and moans in a few Prince songs.  But I can’t remember the conversation we had an hour ago without taking notes.  …and the 80s were like, 20 years ago.  Why is this?

5)  I have a tendency to drive people nuts at work due to my almost anal retentive organization skills.  I have certain ways I name files so they can be easier to find alphabetically.  I have a label maker to note exactly what is contained in each section of my employees’ personnel folders.  But if you walked into my house, you would never know about my "secret" life as an organizational freak at work.  I’m lucky to find the most important papers I need at home (i.e. social security cards, birth certificates, etc.)  And let’s not even talk about finding tape - unless it is all over my daughter’s room or some other strange place.  And it’s amazing how many pens I find on top of the fridge - but I guess that comes from having a 4-year-old artist in the house.

What I find frightening about this meme is that I could go on and on.  But thank God I am able to stop at 5!

I originally decided that I wasn’t going to tag anyone, but thought it would be fun to tag my hubby just to see what he would say (if, indeed, he does it).  So tag, Honey, you’re it!