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Twelve Miners in WV

Here is what I posted last night, right before bed:

Absolutely a miracle!  While one miner was found dead, the remaining twelve were found ALIVE!

All I have to say to that is AMEN! 

I pray for the family whose miner didn’t survive…may their hearts heal and may they find peace.

As we now know today, that report was false.  It’s heartbreaking to know that the opposite was true, and the vast majority of these miners lost their lives.  I truly pray for all of their families at this time.  I hope answers can be revealed about why this happened.  To bring joy to the families for a number of hours and then take it away is tragic in and of itself.  This is one post I wish I never had to update. 

The First Cotillion of 2006!

This is my first post of the new year, and none better than to link over to the Cotillion Ball this week!  I finally had some time to submit a post, and the Cotillion’s own Wonder Woman at A North American Patriot highlights our posts with outstanding finesse!  Beautiful job!!!  Oh, and I also discovered her mutual love for SpongeBob.  I, too, am a fan! 

I also encourage you to take a look around at those amazing sites referenced in my sidebars.  I am experiencing huge volumes of work due to year-end and all of that, so my posts will be sparse this week (at least until I meet a Thursday deadline…ack!). 

You may also want to take a look around these four walls as some changes are a’comin!  No secrets revealed just yet, but let’s just say the new year represents a time of change!