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Oh, Tookie!

[Serious part of this post starts here]

I’m for the death penalty, even when death row inmates "turn their life around" or "change their life to do good" and so on.  Key word in both of those phrases?  LIFE.  Do Tookie’s victims have the opportunity to live their lives?  No…he decided to take that away from them.  So….his punishment will fit the crimes he commited, no matter the "good things" he has done since then.  It took him to get caught and convicted to change - if he had gotten away with his crimes, he’d probably either be dead already or still out there murdering people.  His "change of heart" won’t give back the lives of those he killed.

[Serious part of this post ends here]

So, in true conservative, eeeeeevil fashion, and because my hubby got a song in my head that I now can’t get out, I decided to write some lyrics befitting of this occasion, sung to the tune of "Hey Mickey!" (oh…and don’t think I’m alone….check out this and this and this and this…and there’s more where that came from!)


Vince Aut Morire linked with The Oh Tookie Chorus
…Five Golden Rings!

The serious side of me thinks that these donors were generous:

The Salvation Army in south-central Pennsylvania has had five golden rings dropped into two of its kettles since Nov. 30.

Two donors have called to confirm the gifts.

The Salvation Army expects to sell the gold rings to a jeweler to help fund its charitable programs.

The not-so-serious side of me (and you have to admit these donors have a humorous side!) asks "where are the drummers drumming and how do they get into one of those little red kettles?"