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No Pity from Me…Except for the Unborn Child

A few days ago, I brought you this story, about an in-home daycare provider, April Rogers, who chose to kill one of the children some parents trusted her to take care of.  Well, the plot thickens:

OMAHA, Neb.The woman accused of killing a child in her west Omaha day care is pregnant.

A judge on Thursday refused to reduce bail for April Rogers.

I’m sorry?  Because she is carrying a life in her womb we should feel sorry for her and lower her bail so she can GET OUT into society?  After she killed a 6-month-old, helpless baby?!?!?!?  Thank God the judge saw clear to deny it!

Yes, she should deliver the baby, but he or she should be removed from her care at birth.  She’s proven she’s not so good with taking care of little ones.  No, she shouldn’t be shown any sympathy for her condition.  She should get the appropriate medical care a pregnant woman needs for the sake of the child’s health.  And that is all.

Oh…and to thicken the plot further, there are actually parents who had this child killer taking care of their kids and said that April Rogers is the best daycare provider they had ever seen and knowing what they know now, they would *still* take their kids to her.  I have some advice - please seek mental health treatment immediately.  And while I’m thinking of it, perhaps someone who is responsible should think about checking on your kids because if you think this child killer is a great daycare provider, I’m a bit worried about how well you are caring for your own children.

Meanwhile, a family had to bury their 6-month old child today.  Please pray for them.  I have no words to say that can possibly address the grief they must be feeling.  I firmly believe little Alexander is near, watching over his family from Heaven.  Hopefully there is some small comfort in that.