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Curbside Cat “Poopsie”

Recipe Courtesy of Buck Peterson


1. Skin & clean "Poopsie" like you would a squirrel.
2. Stuff cavity with dressing & tie front legs back & back legs forward
3. Lay breast down in low baking pan, uncovered, with bacon stips across back.
4. Roast at 325 degrees for one hour, remove and make gravy from drippings.
5. As you dig in, recall all the midnight howling and torn garbage bags.

Mmmmmm….good fixin’s! You remember the "Meow Mix" Jello mold that ole lady brought to dinner at the Griswold’s in "Christmas Vacation?" What a perfect compliment to this main course!

Squirrel - Treetop Tidbit Stew

Recipe Courtesy of Buck Peterson Preparation: 1. Cut up squirrel carcass into 4 pieces. 2. Brown pieces in oleo 3. Cover with water, season very lightly. 4. Simmer until almost done. 5. Add diced, sliced, shredded favorite vegetables. 6. Mix 1/2 cup water and 6 tablespoons flower and thicken brew. 7. Now cook until done.

I serve this with a fine dessert of twinkies or ho-ho’s. Sometimes a nice warm poptart will top it off nicely! Also, don’t forget the heel of a loaf of Wonder bread - dip it in the brew and you’ll be in heaven!

White Trash Cooking - Preparations for Road Kill Shoppin’

Now Ya’ll - I know what you are thinking….that the idea of eatin’ road kill is just a myth. Well, I’m here to prove you wrong. I have a bible here at my double-wide, and it is called "The Original Road Kill Cookbook." My buddy "Buck" Peterson compiled this book. ‘afore I give you any recipes, you must prepare for your adventures in the discovery of fresh road kill quisine. Here are a few pointers from our friend Buck:

Where to Shop (automobile required, rusty truck preferred):

Near Water
Near a Game Refuge
Around Deer Crossings
Near Heavy Cover (you know - trees, cornfields!)

What you Should Put in the, um, Shopping Cart (Yeah, the Family Truckster):

C.B. (what good person doesn’t have a C.B.?)
Canvas or Tarp

*Note - there are other less obvious necessities according to Buck - like enough gas to get you quickly home. Once loaded, don’t speed and give the "badges" a chance to score your booty, though!

Here’s a link to Buck’s webpage - iff’n you want to order any of his books. Be looking for some mighty tasty recipes coming up, courtesy of his "Road Kill Cookbook."

“White Trash” Wednesdays, Volume IV

Hi ya’ll,

If you’ve visited my site over the last month, you will know all about "White Trash" Wednesdays - a time about a dozen of us bloggers get together and poke a little fun at our families, heritage and something close to my heart - the food we eat!

Just to prepare you for tomorrow - think "Road Kill." YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

Here’s a list of participating blogs. Just e-mail if you’d like to join in the fun!
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The Jawa Report
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Rachael Ray Redux
Riehl World View
Six Meat Buffet
Vince Aut Morire

Get the Breathmints!

I have got to say one of my most favorite items in the food world is garlic. I love it with meat, with pasta, with potatoes, with most everything (unless we’re talking dessert!).

I’d like to share two recipes, courtesy of Rachael Ray, that are easy to fix, and are easily served together due to their common theme - garlic!

4 Minute Spicy Garlic Shrimp

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), 2 turns of the pan
4 cloves of garlic, crushed away from skin
1/2 tsp crushed red pepper flakes
24 jumbo shrimp, peeled and deveined, tails intact
2 tsp grill or steak seasoning blend (Montreal Seasoning by McCormick is best!)
1 lemon, jested and juiced
2 tbsp chopped parsley leaves (a handful)

Heat a large skillet over medium high heat. Add EVOO, garlic, red pepper flakes and shrimp. Season with grill seasoning (you can also use course salt and fresh ground pepper) and cook shrimp 3 minutes or until just pink. Toss with lemon zest, juice and chopped parsley. Remove shrimp to a serving platter, leaving the garlic cloves in the pan.

Roast Potatoes with Rosemary (and GARLIC!)

2 pounds small potatoes (baby Yukon gold or red skins)
6 cloves garlic, cracked away from skin
2-3 tbsp EVOO (enough to just coat the potatoes)
2 tbsp fresh rosemary leaves, chopped
kosher salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 500 degrees or highest setting.

Halve the potatoes and place on cookie sheet (I line mine with Reynolds Wrap Foil - makes for easier clean up!). Combine with garlic. Coat potatoes and garlic with oil and season with rosemary, salt and pepper.

Place on lower rack of oven and roast 20-25 minutes, turning potatoes once (around 12 minutes). Continue roasting until golden and crisp at edges.

WTW Presents: All Day Spam!

Whodathunk that I would have waited this long to give you some great ideas for using SPAM? Spam is so versitile, and will easily fit into your budget. You should always have a few cans of this bodacious potted meat on hand!
water, based on noodle instructions*the beauty of this is that you can pick any flavor you want, since we aren’t sure exactly what kind of meat SPAM is made from - seems like everything goes with SPAM!

Breakfast: SPAM ‘n EGGS


1 can of Classic SPAM
6-8 eggs, scrambled
salt and pepper to taste
Louisiana Hot Sauce to taste (optional)
2-3 slices of store brand American Processed Cheese Food (optional)


Cut up the SPAM into small squares. Place in hot skillet, cooking until the meat carmelizes slightly. Add the eggs, salt, pepper and hot sauce, consistently stirring in the pan until the eggs are cooked. You can add the processed cheese food slices at the end, mixing the slices into the mixture. The cheese should melt quickly, adding an additional layer of flavor.

Serve with buttered toast, preferrably Wonder Bread.

Lunch: Grilled SPAM and Cheese, served with Ramen Noodles


2-3 slices of SPAM, sliced thinly
1 slice of store brand Processed American Cheese Food
2 slices of Wonder Bread
oleo, enough to cover each slice of bread evenly

1 pack of Ramen Noodles*


Heat up small skillet. Place SPAM and cheese food between the wonder bread. Spread oleo on the outside of the sandwich and cook in frying pan until done.

While the sandwich is cooking, prepare Ramen according to package instructions. For added flavor, add 10-12 chunks of SPAM to Ramen Noodles, taking time to ensure the SPAM is heated through prior to serving.

Dinner: French Fry SPAM Casserole


1 (20-ounce) bag frozen french fry potatoes thawed
2 cups (8 ounces) shredded cheddar cheese
2 cups sour cream
1 (10 3/4-ounce) can condensed cream of chicken soup
1 SPAM® Classic (12-ounce) can cubed
1/2 cup chopped red bell pepper
1/2 cup chopped green onion
1/2 cup finely crushed corn flakes


Heat oven to 350°F. In large bowl, combine potatoes, cheese, sour cream, and soup. Stir in SPAM, bell pepper, and green onion. Spoon into 13×9-inch baking pan. Sprinkle with crushed flakes. Bake 30 to 40 minutes or until thoroughly heated.

This tastes great served with saltine crackers on the side for dipping.



2 packages Jell-O, any flavor
Water and ice, according to Jell-O package instructions
1 can of Classic SPAM


Prepare Jell-O following instructions for making a mold. Cut up SPAM into small pieces and add to Jell-O mold. Refridgerate until set, then serve.

See? SPAM is the most versatile food you have in your cupboard. Your family will truly appreciate your creativity and excellent culinary skills as you prepare these amazing meals!

“White Trash” Wednesdays, Volume III

Hi ya’ll!Riehl World View
Beautiful Atrocities
Cranky Neocon
Dangerous Logic
It Is What It Is
MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
Six Meat Buffet
Vince Aut Morire 

Join me and my friends for the third installation of "White Trash" Wednesdays - a light-hearted, fun poke at my family and friends, particularly those left in my home town in the backwoods of Nebraska…and maybe a few other fellow white folk.

This week, I will be focusing on everyone’s favorite food - SPAM (not to be confused with those darn emails you route to your junk folder!).

Here are the other "white trash" folk participating this week:

Hush, Puppies!

I had a chance to cook for my dad and my hubby the other day, and cooked them some battered cod, fried potatoes and onions and thought I’d take a shot at some hush puppies. This recipe was good - my hubby gushed about how good the meal was, particularly these little guys!


1-1/4 cup cornmeal
3/4 cup flour
1 tsp baking powder
salt to taste (I found it takes quite a bit)
1 tsp (or more) Louisiana hot sauce, to taste
1/2 medium onion, minced very fine
2 large eggs, beaten
1/2 cup milk


Heat oil (canola, vegetable, peanut or corn) to 350 degrees. If you are using a fryer, follow your fryer’s instructions. If you are doing this over the stove, you want 2-1/2 to 3 inches of oil in order to fully immerse the hush puppies while frying.

Mix the first 4 ingredients, the dry ingredients, together until well blended. Add the remaining ingredients, mixing until moist. The mixture should hold well together. Take a table spoon and scoop out a small ball of dough and, using another table spoon, drop it into the hot oil. Repeat until you have several hush puppies frying at once. You will want to allow room for them to cook properly - they typically should not touch each other in the oil.

Cooking time will depend on how dark you would like the outside of the hush puppies. The dough is completely cooked when the hush puppy starts to float on the oil. I typically like mine to be pretty brown, so I continue cooking until the color reaches the right shade. Drain on a paper towel and serve warm.

My 2 cents: I like to serve hush puppies and other similar items with fish, but they would also go well with many other items - steak and fries, as a dipper for soups, etc.

…and Now….

….back to our regularly scheduled programming!

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