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Curbside Cat “Poopsie”

Recipe Courtesy of Buck Peterson


1. Skin & clean "Poopsie" like you would a squirrel.
2. Stuff cavity with dressing & tie front legs back & back legs forward
3. Lay breast down in low baking pan, uncovered, with bacon stips across back.
4. Roast at 325 degrees for one hour, remove and make gravy from drippings.
5. As you dig in, recall all the midnight howling and torn garbage bags.

Mmmmmm….good fixin’s! You remember the "Meow Mix" Jello mold that ole lady brought to dinner at the Griswold’s in "Christmas Vacation?" What a perfect compliment to this main course!

Squirrel - Treetop Tidbit Stew

Recipe Courtesy of Buck Peterson Preparation: 1. Cut up squirrel carcass into 4 pieces. 2. Brown pieces in oleo 3. Cover with water, season very lightly. 4. Simmer until almost done. 5. Add diced, sliced, shredded favorite vegetables. 6. Mix 1/2 cup water and 6 tablespoons flower and thicken brew. 7. Now cook until done.

I serve this with a fine dessert of twinkies or ho-ho’s. Sometimes a nice warm poptart will top it off nicely! Also, don’t forget the heel of a loaf of Wonder bread - dip it in the brew and you’ll be in heaven!

White Trash Cooking - Preparations for Road Kill Shoppin’

Now Ya’ll - I know what you are thinking….that the idea of eatin’ road kill is just a myth. Well, I’m here to prove you wrong. I have a bible here at my double-wide, and it is called "The Original Road Kill Cookbook." My buddy "Buck" Peterson compiled this book. ‘afore I give you any recipes, you must prepare for your adventures in the discovery of fresh road kill quisine. Here are a few pointers from our friend Buck:

Where to Shop (automobile required, rusty truck preferred):

Near Water
Near a Game Refuge
Around Deer Crossings
Near Heavy Cover (you know - trees, cornfields!)

What you Should Put in the, um, Shopping Cart (Yeah, the Family Truckster):

C.B. (what good person doesn’t have a C.B.?)
Canvas or Tarp

*Note - there are other less obvious necessities according to Buck - like enough gas to get you quickly home. Once loaded, don’t speed and give the "badges" a chance to score your booty, though!

Here’s a link to Buck’s webpage - iff’n you want to order any of his books. Be looking for some mighty tasty recipes coming up, courtesy of his "Road Kill Cookbook."