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“White Trash” Wednesdays, Volume IV

Hi ya’ll,

If you’ve visited my site over the last month, you will know all about "White Trash" Wednesdays - a time about a dozen of us bloggers get together and poke a little fun at our families, heritage and something close to my heart - the food we eat!

Just to prepare you for tomorrow - think "Road Kill." YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

Here’s a list of participating blogs. Just e-mail if you’d like to join in the fun!
Beautiful Atrocities
Cranky Neocon
Dangerous Logic
Fist Full of Fortnights
It Is What It Is
The Jawa Report
MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
Rachael Ray Redux
Riehl World View
Six Meat Buffet
Vince Aut Morire