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Flowers and a Dumbass

Okay….so before I am so hasty as to call this guy a dumbass, perhaps I should listen to his story.

MISSOURI CITY, Texas — A Missouri City, Texas, man has filed a federal lawsuit against 1-800-FLOWERS, Inc. after they sent his wife a thank-you card for flowers he ordered for another woman.

That didn’t take long, did it?!? What a DUMBASS! Read on…

MyFOXHouston.com reported Leroy Greer ordered a dozen red roses and teddy bear through 1-800-flowers.com for a woman while he was in the middle of divorcing his wife. However, at the time the flowers were sent, Greer and his wife were reconciled.

After Greer ordered the flowers in April, 1-800-flowers reportedly sent a thank-you card to his home, which his wife saw.

So he’s suing the flower company for damages?!?!?!? Uh, Leroy? When you placed that order, it was YOUR actions that caused the damages. Hey there, Leroy?!? Here’s a tip for you. When you are contemplating reconciling with your WIFE, don’t send flowers and an “I LOVE YOU” note to the woman you were messing around with. Oh….and maybe you SHOULDN’T CHEAT (I mean you weren’t yet divorced and there was a chance of reconciliation, right?). OH, and I have ordered from 1-800-FLOWERS before…they don’t have a section called “send flowers to the woman you are messing around with…we won’t tell.” So…did you forget to tell your wife about this woman as you were attempting to reconcile? Or did you forget that little tidbit of information??!?!?!? GET.A.CLUE! MORON! You made your bed, so why don’t you take responsibility and lie in it?

Over at My Fox Houston, they have a statement that was released by 1-800-FLOWERS [emphasis mine]:

“We take pride in creating relationships with our customers by recognizing and thanking them for their business. We take all matters relating to our customers seriously; however, we are not responsible for an individual’s personal conduct. Beyond this, it is the company’s policy not to comment on pending litigation and legal matters.”