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A New Favorite: License to Grill

A few weeks ago, I was surfing channels on the tube and found a show called “License to Grill.” The show is on the Discovery Home Channel and is hosted by Rob Rainford.

I didn’t post about it previously, because I didn’t know whether I truly liked the show or not. At least not right away. It’s definitely grown on me. Rob Rainford hails from Canada, and his backyard plethora of grills makes a girl like me wanna go get more than one. He’s got an amazing outdoor kitchen, too. But who knew a guy from Canada could grill so good?

I haven’t found a show that I didn’t like at least one of the items he was cooking. Sometimes when you watch cooking shows you just *know* something doesn’t sound good. All of his grilled meals make my mouth water. And the other thing I like about his show is something that I equally like about Rachael Ray. I’ve learned a few tips and tricks from him (as I did from watching her show).

The one thing I need to do is 1) find some good wood chips here and 2) plan meals a bit better. He does a lot of dry rubs, marinades and smoking. I can’t seem to plan so far ahead, but he’s basically convinced me in a few short half hour shows that I should reconsider.

Check him out. He’s a bit quirky with a strange sense of humor (probably why I like the show!), and you’ll get jealous when you see his yard, his outdoor kitchen and his grills (hey…I did!), but you’ll drool and want to go invest in, like, 8 grills and a bunch of wood chips.